13 May 2013

Empties #5

Finally another empties post! I've been collecting all this rubbish for about a month now and I thought it was time to chuck it out (right before garbage day too!). I'm quite surprised at how much I did end up finishing this month, I honestly didn't think it was going to be this many products. However, I do wish I could finish up more make-up items than random skincare and body items. Why is it so hard?! 

 photo P5099438_zps55abed38.jpg

Unfortunately for me, I've still got quite a few sample products to use up before I can start digging in and testing out my new make-up purchases (see haul here), but at this rate I should be able to start using them in a month or two! Unless I start using them anyway because I have no self control - this will most likely happen

 photo P5099440_zps09343229.jpg

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream: I've shown this in an empties post before and I still feel the same way about it. Hands down one of the best hair hydrating products around. If you haven't given this a go before, you definitely need too! Will you repurchase? Already picked up my third bottle.

 Soap and Glory Hair Supply: I found this to be quite a good 'once a week' treatment, but in saying that I don't think I will be repurchasing this anytime soon. Solely because I feel as though there are other better hair treatments out there. Will you repurchase? No. 

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo and Conditioner: Okay first of all let's state the obvious - I don't have blonde hair. LOL But I did recently dye my hair to chocolate brown. To ensure that my hair didn't turn out an ugly orange-toned colour I thought I would use this shampoo and conditioner. Fortunately it worked. My hair at the moment is a lovely shade of chocolate brown with no orange bits at all. Yay. Will I repurchase? Not unless I saw a both of these on special. 

Kevin Murphy Born Again Conditioner: I absolutely hate satchel shampoo samples. I find that you can only ever use it once and then throw it away, therefore not able to fully trial the product. From what I can remember, this conditioner made my hair feel quite soft and less prone to tangles. Will I repurchase? I may consider picking up the full size of this if I ever stumble across it in stores.

Klorane Grenade Shampoo and Conditioner: This shampoo and conditioner smelt lovely! I really like Klorane products and these two were definitely a big thumbs up for me. Will I repurchase? I will definitely look into picking up the full sizes of these once I've finished with my current shampoo/conditioner. 

Klorane Mangue Conditioner: This was such a thick conditioner. I found that it made my hair feel much more thick and healthily than it actually is, but at the end of the day I saw that my hair had become knotty and tangled like always. Will I repurchase? Possibly, just to see the results through a longer period. 

 photo P5099442_zps9f2a29c6.jpg

LUX Soft and Silky Mango and Grapefruit Oils: This is by far one of the best smelling body washes I have ever tried. This body wash definitely leaves your skin feeling squeeky clean as it lathers up very well and you only need the tiniest amount. Will I repurchase? YES!

Swisse Body Wash: Another beautiful smelling body wash - this one smelt like lemons! I did find that the Swisse body wash to be more gentle on the skin that the LUX body wash but was able to still clean just as good. Will a repurchase? I definitely want to pick up a full sized bottle of this!

 photo P5099444_zps247c6fb7.jpg

Benefit The POREfessional : If you've been reading my blog for a while you should all know how I feel about this primer. But if not - this is my holy grail, cannot live without product. This minimises pores like no other and makes my skin look silky smooth. This is certainly a staple in my make-up collection. Will I repurchase? Yes, yes, yes. 

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub: I was so sad to see that I had ran out of this scrub. This was the perfect scrub to remove all that grime off your face and making you feel fresh and clean. It got bonus points for smelling amazing as well. Will I repurchase? Yes!

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate: So apparently this serum is supposed 
creates a luminous-from-within radiance. I used this for about a week and unfortunately didn't notice any changes. I supposed for products like these, you usually need to use for about a month before results start to show, but judging from the sample I will not be purchasing a full size of this. 

Avene Rich Compensating Cream: Rich compensating indeed! This made my skin feel super smooth after apply the cream, but because my skin was so full of moisture, it made me look more oiler than usual. I definitely recommend this for people with dry skin though! Will I repurchase? No. 

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion: I didn't find there to be any outstanding pro's or con's with this moisturiser. Except for the fact that I didn't like the scent. Will I repurchase? Probably not.

 photo P5099448_zps1610c95f.jpg

Benefit They're Real Mascara: This is the perfect mascara to help you achieve the false eyelash effect. Not only does it provide you volume and extra length, it holds the curl perfectly. This is definitely one of my favourite mascaras. Will I repurchase? Definitely.

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara: Along with the Benefit mascara, I've also been using this Bobbi Brown mascara on my bottom lashes. The wand on this sample size mascara is perfect for my short lashes. It was able to reach every single one and did not clump at all. I'm tempted to gave the full size version of this but I'm not sure if the wand will be the same size or not. Will I repurchase? Yes - if the wand is exactly the same. 

The next two products were purchased to see whether I was missing out on using felt eyeliners or not. Because I'm a big fan of gel eyeliners (MAC's blacktrack especially) I wanted to try out some affordable felt eyeliners for comparison. Unfortunately, both of these liners dried out immediately and so wasn't able to use them properly. I also felt as though the tips of the liner were way to stiff and would tug on my eyelids when I tried to apply product. 

MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner: Will I repurchase? No. 

Wet N Wild Felt Eyeliner: 
Will I repurchase? No. 

 photo P5099450_zpsfdb19bfd.jpg

Smith's Rosebud Salve: Now if you think Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is amazing, this will literally blow your mind. I find that this works even better than other multitask ointments. I've mainly just used this on my lips and hands or other dry patches on my skin. The only downside to this product is that it does get a little greasy after application and its in a tub, therefore slightly unsanitary. Will I repurchase? I already have. 

Maybelline Baby Lips: Just like what the hype says, this was a great moisturising lip balm. However, I do find that a lot of other lip balms do the exact same thing so it's nothing too special. Will I repurchase? If ever run out of lip balms (I have about 5 different branded unopened ones), then yes. 

Sorry if this post wasn't as interesting as previous empties posts - I did kind of rush through this one as I'm in the midst of completing two group assignments that are due tomorrow. But I thought I would give myself a break as people in my group are giving my a headache. Why is it that individuals become so incompetent at doing simple tasks? Blah.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you for all the reviews!!
    Ah, The Breakfast Scrub! I've wanted to try that!!


  2. Good work finishing so many make up products!
    I really want to try the Moroccan Oil Styling Creme because of you haha

  3. Congrats on finishing up so many products!
    I finish up more skin/hair products compared to makeup products too.
    I've heard so much great things about Benefit They're Real mascara! I didn't really like Bad Gal, but maybe I'll like They're Real.

  4. Wow you finished up so many products! It took me way longer to finish less products than you! I really want to try the Breakfast Scrub, it smells absolutely delicious!

    x Tashi

  5. I really want to try that S&G breakfast scrub!

  6. It is a shame you didn't like the clinique radiance renewer. I love it! The mask in that line is really nice too. I went to Kit over the weekend to grab The Breakfast Scrub, but they were sold out. I definitely want to try it.

  7. Klorane shampoos smell gorgeous, but they don't work on my hair unfortunately. REally want to try the Moroccan oil products!

  8. Haha I feel your pain about group assignments! Hang on in there :p I don't like any other flavours if Baby Lips, it's gotta be menthol all the way. The others feel really synthetic to me? I didn't know you could use Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub on your face! I need to pick a tub up, hopefully it's still $18.95 for a big ol' pot. Benefit They're Real is one of my fav mascaras as well :)

  9. I've had Rosebud on my wishlist forever! I must try it now ^^ I've also been meaning to try Klorane, but it's so expensive where I live that I don't know... Good amount of samples : ) You've been doing your "homework" haha xx

  10. They're Real has gotten so much hype, I have no idea whether to pick it up anymore. I might pick up a sample, judging by how other bloggers who have similar lash-type to me have reacted to it. I'm also hunting for a new primer, so I may just buy a tube of the Porefessional! Thanks for the great post :D x

  11. love the rosebud´s salve :D

  12. Great post, I wish I could finish up so many products!! I absolutely love Lux body washes, I'm using the daily exfoliator one... can't remember it's actual name... it smells divine. xx

  13. I can't believe you were able to use the John Frieda shampoo with no problems. I chucked mine out even though I'm half blonde... I've been wanting to try the Benefit Porefessional and Moroccan Oil!

  14. Breakfast scrub is my favourite body scrub ever! I love Moroccan Oil but not tried that styling creme. I love the Porefessional! x


  15. kudos on finishing up a lot of products ^_~

  16. I agree with you on how hard it is to finish up makeup products! But atleast you got through a lot of skincare stuff :D

  17. Hey is that the morrocan oil curling cream? I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother, livelifeluscious.blogspot.co.uk xx

  18. I`m currently eyeing the aveeno lotion and the Lux body wash. hihi. :D

  19. I recently started using Moroccan Oil again after a couple year hiatus to use up some of my other hair serums and creams, but I am so glad I'm back. Their deep conditioner is really awesome too! I haven't tried the styling cream, should probably check that out next!


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