1 May 2013

(Disappointing) NOTD: OPI At Your Quebec and Call & Golden Eye

When I first laid my eyes on At Your Quebec and Call I was instantly intrigued. This golden olive shade was nothing I had ever seen before. However, because it's from the OPI 2004 Fall Canadian Collection I didn't think I would ever find it. Luckily for me, Caitt from Caittsnails had this bad boy in one of her blog sales and I just couldn't resist picking it up!

Unfortunately though..

 photo P1258611_zps90e73a2c.jpg

After applying three coats of At Your Quebec and Call I knew it wasn't going to be a winner for me. The swatches I've seen on other blogs look stunning but seeing it in real life and on my hands it looked ..weird? It looks much more brass-toned than a golden olive, maybe it's because I have yellow undertones it makes it look less oilve and more muddy.

Formulation wise, these older OPI polishes seem to be less opaque than the newer collections. I found that At Your Quebec and Call was quite thin and watery but still easy to work with. 

 photo P1258613_zps2761c5cd.jpg

I also tried to add Goldeneye on my ring finger and thumb to make it look slightly more flattering and fancy but of course it made it look worse. Just. My. Luck. Undoubtedly I removed this failed manicure as soon as I finished taking the photos along with my hopes and dreams (haha just kidding).

 photo P1258620_zps0d520707.jpg

After being so utterly disappointed with the finish of At Your Quebec and Call I decided to google other bloggers reviews on this shade - I found that most bloggers used up to 4 layers to build up the opacity. I only used three coats, so I'm desperately hoping that if I add another layer it will make it look more like that stunning golden olive shade I've seen online!

Have you been disappointed with a polish before?


  1. Yep for sure! An Opi called meet me on the star ferry, gorgeous shade but it doesn't suit my skintone very well :(

  2. Oh no ... hate it when you buy something hoping it will look a certain way on you, and it doesn't. Maybe it will transform with that fourth coat! :)

  3. I hate buying products I´ve seeing forward to try but then get disappointed..

    I hate when you have to put a lot of layers to make it look nice. Sometimes you don´t have time to sit there and put layer on layer and let them dry in between, so it´s much better with a nailpolish that looks good even if you just put one layer! :)

  4. Oh, no. It's really annoying when you buy a product thinking it would be amazing and then it turns out not so good. It just happened to me a few days ago with one of L'Oreal products that everyone seems to love... :/

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. So annoying when you think you're going to love something and end up being not so keen!

  6. That's really too bad! The shade sounded so interesting! One gold that I absolutely adore and have always had good luck with is China Glaze's "Midnight Kiss," if you're wanting another gold to try.

  7. I hope it will work out for you when you try again. Such a darn shame!
    <3 Carolyn

  8. It looks pretty but I guess it suits everyone differently. Metallic brownish colors like that look weird on me too! Make my fingers look strange haha

  9. What a shame that this polish didn't work for you! I'd always thought all OPI formulas were great but I guess it really depends on the shade- how disappointing that they seem to be getting more thin and runnier. I love the idea of an olive toned gold though and hopefully the extra layer of polish will give a better finish.

  10. How annoying that it didn't work for you! could of been such a nice colour.

    jess xx

  11. aww, too bad it failed your expectation but at least the color turns out pretty ^_~

  12. Too bad it didn't work for you, looks so lovely in the bottle : /

  13. awwwh, that's so unfortunate, it sucks when you expected alot from a product and it doesn't deliver. i hope you'll find a way to make it work hun! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  14. What a shame it didn't work for you, I think it may be clashing with your olive undertones too much. But it may be alright paired with black as an accent nail or in a pattern you would do with tape, if that makes sense? xx

  15. EEeek! I get what you mean Dawn. It looks a bit... Off :( I hate it when a nail polish looks amazing on other bloggers, but just doesn't work for yourself! I can't remember the last time such a thing happened to me. I've always been disappointed by nail polishes that are ABSOLUTELY PIGMENTED and GLIDES ON BEAUTIFULLY, but lasts for a day..... Eek. That ticks me off so bad!


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