6 Apr 2013

TAG: 25 Random Facts About Me + Brand Spanking New Blog Design!

Firstly I hope you all like the new look of my blog! The lovely Grace from The Grace Of Beauty designed and installed this for me. You should definitely check her blog and design skills out if you're wanting to vamp up your blog. She's quick, efficient and willing to create something from your request. I cannot say enough good things about her! Let me know if you like the new look or not!

So for today I thought I would do something different and share a little bit about myself to all of you. I've seen tonnes of other bloggers do this tag recently and I think it's quite nice for your readers to get to know the person behind the blog. So let's get cracking..

       My boyfriend Michael and I.

1. My first name isn't actually Dawn - it's Lei. It's supposed to be Dawn and my middle name is supposed Lei but my Dad made a mistake on my birth certificate.

2. This is going to sound really bad but I haven't the ends of my hair in over 2 years. I cut my fringe every 2 - 3 months or so, but not my the ends of my hair as I'm trying grow my hair and I'm afraid if I get a 2cm trim it will turn out to be 10cm haha.

3. I have a short fuse when it comes with dealing people - it just seems as though everyones IQ decreases more and more everyday. 

4. I hate feet with a passion.

5. Despite the previous two facts above - I work in retail at a shoe store. Pretty ironic, right?

6. I'm one of those people who continuously watch the whole series of a TV until I finish it. For e.g. I can watch season 3 of One Tree Hill in less than a week.

7. I have an obsession with raw Salmon sushi.

8. Almost every time I go on my laptop I end up window online shopping. I fill my basket up with everything I want and then quit the page haha. A girl can only dream. 

9. I love football (soccer) and tennis - watching it that is I cannot play sports for my life.

10. I am full of wanderlust - I cannot wait to travel the world after I've finished with university. Europe, Asia, USA - everywhere.

11. Glitter nail polish fascinates me.

12. I hate cats. I don't know exactly why this hatred began, but possibly because I got scratched by a cat when I was younger and now I will forever dislike them.

13. I only just recently got my Provisional Drivers License. I had my Learners Permit for about 4 years, 11 months and 2 weeks - If I hadn't gotten them when I did, I would have to get my Learners Permit again.

14. My favourite colours are green and purple.

15. I've been wearing glasses ever since I was 4 years old. However most days I wear contact lenses. 

16. The only cities/countries I've been to so far are: Melbourne, Gold Coast, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Fiji. Let's hope I add a lot more to that list.

17. My favourite number is 17.

18. I cannot wait until I have my own house or apartment so I can decorate the hell out of it. Nah, I'll probably just go to Ikea and buy everything in their display rooms so it looks exactly the same.

19. Oh and I love Ikea. The furniture, the meatballs and the 50c ice cream - everything.

20. I'm in my last semester of university - that's if I don't fail any subjects! Let's hope I don't.

21. I'm the youngest of 4 children.

22. I love to try out new restaurants and small cafés - I find that the best food comes from the small overlooked cafés. 

23. One of the best/most memorable days of my life has go to be when two other friends and I went to the Sydney Soundwave Festival in 2008. Unfortunately, those two friends and I aren't in contact anymore. 

24. I've wanted to get a tattoo ever since I was 13 - I'm now 21 and still ink-less. Hopefully that will change soon.

25. Okay now this is going to sound strange but I was a vegetarian for 4 years and one day I decided to eat meat again. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm glad I'm able to experience and try new cuisines without restrictions. 

There you go, 25 random facts about me - when I first started doing this tag I seriously did not know how hard it would be to think of 25 different facts about me! Thankfully it's over now - I hope you enjoyed these weird yet (hopefully) interesting facts about me. Maybe one of you will do this tag as well! I'd love to get to know you better!


  1. first i want to say i like this new style on your blog so so much ^^

    i was really lovely to read :) haha i am also afraid about get hair cut turns out so much more cms.. thanx to hairdressers,they always cut more then u want :D

  2. We are similar in many ways, I dislike cats but I don't really know why.. and gosh, I wanna move so I can fully decorate my app with tons of ikea furniture :)

    I wish you get to travel a lot :)


  3. Grace did such a lovely job with your blog layout/design :) Haha i'm the same with my hair :p I guess people with long hair get scared that it'll be too short afterwards! X


  4. Lol I like your last fact, I found it very interesting c:

  5. I love travelling too!! It's just an amazing feeling to experience new cultures and view places which you previously saw on pics!

    Come and checkout my giveaway and 25 random facts on my blog!


  6. maybe u should ask grace to make the fonts on ur blog appear bigger.. :) nice design btw :D

  7. Your new design is great! I love purple, don't get my hair done at the salon and would love to visit Hawaii and Fiji.

  8. Loved reading this post and getting to know more about you Dawn! Or should I say Lei? ;) I think I like Dawn more!
    You hate feet but work in a shoe store hahaha, that's awesome.

    I loove the new layout, the header is so cute! And the colour reminds me of denim :) I agree with Zy above ^ maybe make the fonts a bit bigger?


  9. I'm the youngest of 4 too! And I don't think I could ever be a veggo! I love my meat too much.

  10. I love the new design. I also hate feet and I worked in a shoe store for years while I was at university. I had awesome co workers who would measure feet for me.

  11. I love reading these - so interesting!

  12. Like the post!) I like green color as well.

  13. I also have a phobia of feet haha i semi feel sick looking at other peoples! Love the new layout by the way x


  14. I love your new layout!! The purple is so pretty :3 I've been wanting to change the layout of my blog, and forgot everything about html coding etc. Maybe you should consider finding a new job (considering I know how much you dislike working at Rubi :P). And you should try trimming the ends of your hair yourself if you're afraid of going hairdressers. Your hair is supposed to grow faster if you trim it ever few months.

  15. The new layout looks so good!
    Love the 25 facts, it's nice to get to know more about you! I couldn't imagine where to start with mine haha. I'm sorry but number 1 is kinda funny in the way your dad got it mixed up on the certificate! And I also still need to get my P plates -.- need to stop putting it off!

  16. I love the new look
    Come and visit my latest post >>>The perfect {prom} dress<<<I love the new look

  17. I love the new blog design, looks amazing! xxx

  18. Cute new layout! :) I love the number 17 as well. I can definitely understand the desire to window shop online, it's just so much easier and one of my favourite activities ;) I really want to visit Hawaii one day, at least you've been there. I'm sure many travelling adventures await you in the future.

  19. I like the post! So interesting!

  20. love culinary too , and purple also suit me best! :D


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