22 Apr 2013

Review: Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen or heard about the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments so I won't go into too much detail in this post. If you haven't though it's basically a tinted lip moisturiser that claims to "moisturise, protect and smoothes the lips while leaving a flirty berry tint, offering sheer coverage or buildable colour". 

 photo P3239112_zps9ed4e31c.jpg

This tinted lip treatment certainly lives up to all the hype. It does everything it claims to do and even more. I absolutely hate it when products claim to be moisturising or somewhat tinted and they turn out to be extremely drying on the lips and absolutely sheer. Fortunately this berry coloured lip treatment does everything it claims. 

 photo P3239114_zps4fa3fd8f.jpg

The only downside I do find with this is that it does tend to melt on hotter days (especially when I used it during the summer time), but it a quick session with the refrigerator makes it all better again!

 photo P3239121_zps986cdd53.jpg
 photo P3239127_zpsb78e186d.jpg

This is most certainly a 5 out of 5 product for me. Therefore I'm willing to pay the slightly hefty price tag for it - around $20 on ebay. But there are of course other alternatives to this but, I feel as though others don't work as well as this one. But hey, that's just my opinion!

Have you tried the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments before?


  1. this seems awesome! love the colour :)

  2. This looks gorgeous on you! It's pretty pricey but does seem worth it :)

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    Becca x

  3. I LOVE Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.. They're my HG lip balms! I don't normally care for uncoloured lip balms, but I love the original one too! I use it under a lippie to moisturize my lips

  4. So pretty! I always thought they were too pricey but after seeing the full sizes in person, I think they're worth it. They're huge x

  5. Such great pigmentation!
    The Maybelline color lip balms here are kinda like that, but I wish it was more moisturising.

  6. They are really pricey *sigh* I like my good ol' chapsticks, but maybe I should consider a tinted lipbalm. They look so pretty!

  7. If only they were cheaper! *A*
    Love the color though~ Thanks for the swatch! c:

  8. Looks like such a lovely colour! I have wanted to try these balms for a while but they are pricey.

    jess xx

  9. This is stunning on you! I love the colour. I've been wanting to try these out for ages but I think I'll wait till I do a Sephora order :)


  10. It has beautiful tint and packaging ^^

    warm regard from Indonesia



  11. I love it! I was using it all winter instead of lipsticks)I'll re-order for sure!

  12. gorgeous colour!!


  13. I've seen some really good reviews on this product but never wanted to buy it because it's so pricey! :(
    I absolutely love the packaging too!

  14. Looks very good, but they dont sell it here in the country I live. :( what a bummer

  15. I haven't tried it yet but I do see quite a number of great reviews on them! ^_~

  16. I haven't heard of these, but it looks so good! such a pretty colour. Sounds worthy of the price tag indeed! xx

  17. So gorgeous! I have the Coral one, but this one looks even prettier!

  18. Hey Dawn, how do these compare to the Korres lip butters?

  19. Looks moisturising and quite pigmented! Lovely shade!
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  20. I love this lip balm! It smells so nice and the shade I received is quite subtle but nice. The shade you bought looks great on you; shame that it's a tad bit expensive :(

  21. Definitely want to give this a try in the future. Seems great! :) I do agree with the steep price though, hopefully it will last super long if I use it along with my other "cheaper" lib balms :D

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  22. hey thanks for the comment on my blog! and for the follow! it's nice to meet another aussie blogger here too! :)
    i love love love the colour of this! I try and make myself feel better about paying a hefty price when i compare it with the benefits i get and all the money i save instead of buying not so good products lol! :)

    talk soon! x


  23. I've nv heard of this brand before, but it looks really promising!
    Thanks for the review!

    Following you now. Do hope you'll check out my blog! (:

  24. I don't know this brand at all but it looks really good and the name makes it sound yummy ! lol :)


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