10 Apr 2013

Review: MAC Guilty Passions - Lavish Rose Lip Gloss

For their Holiday 2012 collection, Guilty Passions, MAC released one of the most adorable (in my opinion anyway) mini lip glosses and crushed pigments. Both the pigments and the lip glosses were available in three different colour sets - however I received the stunning Lavish Rose Lip Gloss set for my birthday a couple of months ago. The other lipgloss sets were Cocktail Coral and Nicely Nude. 

 photo P2178843_zpsbd580eec.jpg

Okay let's just start off with the stunningly beautiful packaging shall we? Shaped in a pink and black circular box and topped off with a bow - this pretty much is one of the most adorable packaging I've seen. This is a pretty big statement for me as I'm not one to be woo-ed by the colour pink (in fact I pretty much never like the colour pink unless it's in make-up form, ha). However I find that inside the glosses were just packed in a plastic cutout which looked a little cheap and made it difficult to get the glosses out. 

 photo P2178833_zpsa28149e3.jpg

The four mini glosses available in the Lavish Rose Set includes: 

Demure Dazzleglass Creme: A milky, almost transparent, pink with blue pearls
Going Casual Cremesheen: A sheer milky lilac
Boys Go Crazy Dazzleglass: A semi-tranluscent amethyst with purple and silver pearls
Colour Saturation Cremesheen: A deep wine

 photo P2178841_zps479a1b5e.jpg

Although these are 'mini' glosses (compared to their full-size counterpart), they are around the same size of a MAC's lipglass. Which I find to be quite a good size as I would normally never finish a full sized dazzleglass or cremesheen. The lip glosses are encased in a transluscent tube with a gorgeous black bow to fit in with the Guilty Passions theme.

 photo P2228876_zps111392a6.jpg

Another distinctive feature the dazzleglasses and cremesheens had were their applicators. Dazzleglasses had a stiff brush tip applicator whilst the cremesheens had doe-foot applicators. I much preferred the doe-foot applicators as they were much more practical and felt more smooth to apply to the lips. 

 photo P2228850_zpse3abbd3a.jpg
 photo P2228857_zps13f30fac.jpg
(Going Casual)
 photo P2228864_zpsc9c375f7.jpg
(Boys Go Crazy)
 photo P2228873_zps8cd13d82.jpg
(Colour Saturation)

I found that the two lightest shades -Demure and Going Casual- to settle more prominently into the fine lines of my lips. Another downside I found with a few of these, mostly with the dazzleglasses, is that they had more of a sticky texture that most lip glosses tend to have. Oh and they we're that long lasting either and not that pigmented, except for Colour Saturation. But I will say that they felt quite smooth and comfortable on the lips (when there is no wind involved to make your hair stick to your face). 

 photo P2178846_zpsc707215e.jpg

I absolutely love the shade selection of the Lavish Rose set, the only one that's a little off putting for me is Boys Go Crazy (the sparkly purple one!). Although I adore the colour of this lip gloss, I just don't see myself rocking this look anytime soon. Purely because I'm not confident enough! Hopefully one day I will be able to wear it though, otherwise people won't be able to see how beautiful it really it! My favourite from the set has to be Colour Saturation! This is the perfect wine colour for the upcoming Australian Autumn/Winter season. Overall I think the cons outweigh the pros. As much as I'm grateful to have received this set as a gift, I don't think I would have purchased this with my own money. I will however try and use each and everyone up, especially colour saturation, because I hate products to go to waste!

Unfortunately this set is unavailable now as it was a limited edition product. But MAC has been releasing millions of beautiful make-up sets recently so more adorable packaged products are on its way!

Have you tried any MAC lip glosses?


  1. oooh, the shades are soo amazing and pretty ^_~

  2. Color Saturation looks super pretty! ♥

  3. I love boys go crazy.... really awesome lha..!!!! XD

  4. Boys go crazy looks amazing!


  5. going casual is my favourite! They're beautiful.. and the packaging!!! oh my

  6. Love the colors! The package is so pretty as well :)x

    @Grace of Beauty

  7. Oh my gosh, these colors are so pretty! *A* Thanks for the swatches!

  8. I like boys go crazy and colour saturation!!! I still haven't tried mac glosses :(


  9. Colour Saturation is marvelous!

  10. Colour Saturation is my fave :)

  11. OMG too cute!! I absolutely love them! xx

  12. Such pretty colour! I wish i had got a pack.

    jess xx

  13. I was in love with these sets when they came out but I didn't end up picking any up :( colour saturation is so goregous!

  14. Wow I love the packaging !!!

  15. The pink bow box is SO ADORABLE!
    I really like the look of Colour Saturation! Boys go Grazy has SO MUCH GLITTER I don't think I would like that one very much :S

  16. love the colour saturation the most
    so beautiful purplish colour : D

  17. Wow this is such a beautiful collection, and the packaging is adorable! My favourite is definitely Colour Saturation too- Boys Go Crazy looks so intimidating! I haven't tried any MAC lip glosses before as I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses in general, but I do like lip glazes which are less sticky :)

  18. You seriously have the best friends for getting you such awesome gifts! Omg this packaging is seriously so cute, I love pink anything so I'd buy it for the box alone hehe. I haven't tried any MAC lipglosses yet, I don't think I'd like the stickyness, but Demure is so pretty! xx

  19. The packaging is so cute - i would have bought them just for that reason! Haha love the purple sparkly one xx


  20. Boys Go Crazy is such a beautiful colour! I wouldn't be confident enough wearing it out but I think it'd be great as a nail polish :D

  21. Lovely shades!
    Do you wanna follow each other?


  22. Ahh MAC is my guilty pleasure :D i picked up a few sets from this collection and i absolutely love them. These lipglosses are so lovely, i'm a sucker for anything pink haha :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  23. OMG the packaging is so friggin cute! Color Saturation looks the best I think!

  24. i'm not too fond of glitter glosses but the shades are gorgeous! and really cute packaging :)

  25. I love the cute little box!!! My favourite is Colour Saturation Cremesheen :))

  26. awww you got the purplish set!
    i got the pinkish set~
    Check out my review on it maybe?


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