3 Apr 2013

Review: Beauty Luscious Cosmetics - Primer, Liquid & Mousse Foundation

One thing I adore about being a part of this wonderful beauty community is the opportunity of discovering new beauty products and independent companies - especially if they are Australian owned! I recently had the pleasure to trial a few products from a new Australian company Beauty Luscious and Co. Before I get into the review of the products, let's discover who Beauty Luscious and Co is..

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Products aside, Beauty Luscious' website itself is truly helpful. One aspect that stood out to me was that there was a guide on how to achieve a few of their looks that the models were wearing (under the Get The Look tab). This step by step guide let's their users recreate various glamourous looks without even leaving their bed or paying any money! It also helps those who are just starting out with experimenting make-up to be able to fully utilise their new products.

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Onto the review - I received three samples from the lovely people of Beauty Luscious: The Luscious Mousse Foundation, The Flawless Finish Foundation and The Camera Ready Face Primer. 

The Luscious Mousse Foundation $48AUDThis was the first time I've tried any mousse textured foundation before, so I was quite intrigued as to how my skin would react. I usually stay clear of anything labeled mousse as I do have quite oily skin and just assume that mousse type foundations will literally melt off my face. Surprisingly though this mousse foundation held up extremely well on my skin - especially considering I wore it to work and it was an extremely hot day. One thing I didn't like about this mousse foundation was it did make me look dry in a few areas. Which I find quite weird as I don't tend to have that many dry patches, this was then further enhanced when I powdered my face to finish. Being a mousse foundation newbie I am not quite sure whether I used the wrong brush for application (I used a Sigma Flat Top Kabuki on one side and my fingers on the other). Either way, the end result was quite impressive despite a few dry spots.

The Flawless Finish Foundation $45AUD: I'm not quite sure why but foundation reminded me a lot of the Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination foundation. I think the finish of the foundations were quite similar as it was both matte, both had amazing coverage and long lasting power. One thing that the Flawless Finish Foundation worked better than the Revlon Colorstay was that it felt much lighter on the skin. I sometimes feel as though I can't wear Colorstay on extremely hot days as it is slightly on the thicker side and therefore makes my skin feel clogged and cakey. The Flawless Finish Foundation has the same great coverage but much, much lighter. Very impressed.

The Camera Ready Face Primer $50AUD: Now a days I'm pretty much a primer snob. Having found my holy grail primer (Benefit's Porefessional) I don't really test out any other primers. However, it's quite refreshing to find a product that makes you think twice about your current HG product. This is what happened when I used the Camera Ready Face Primer. Although it didn't fill my pores and create a ultra smooth canvas that Porefessional does - this primer makes your foundation/BB Cream/tinted moisturiser stick onto your face like no tomorrow. I'm pretty sure you could walk on the sun and your foundation would not melt off your skin - ha just kidding but you know I mean. This is absolutely an amazing primer if you have trouble with your make-up fading throughout the day.

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Both foundations are available in quite a few shades (at the moment there are 6 different shades in stock for the mousse foundation and 7 shades in the liquid). If you are stuck on what shade will match you the best - just shoot an email through and I'm sure you will get a lovely helpful reply. 

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with all three products I trialled. All products were crafted amazingly and had extremely astonishing results - certainly worth the slight hefty price tag. If you're based outside of Australia and you would like to get your hands on Luscious products head over to Luxola here - also get 15% off your first order!

Have you tired any new indie brands lately?


*Samples were sent to me for trial. This review is 100% my honest opinion.


  1. I would like to try these products!

  2. They sound like amazing products, but the price-tag is just a bit much :S However, if I am in Australia at any point, I'll make a point of checking them out!

  3. All 3 products sound fantastic. I have the same problem with mousse foundations, it's so matte that it makes my face look dry in places.
    The primer sounds great, I'm on the hunt for a good primer atm!

  4. These sound soooo good! I had a look at their website and their lipsticks look gorgeous, and such lovely shades.

  5. So amazing.. I want to try it.. XD

  6. I would like to try these products! I like it!

  7. I'm not that familiar with the brand but the girl in the center reminds me of Kim K ^_~

  8. Wow never heard of this brand, looks awesome though. Would try their products if I found them (and if they weren't so expensive!)

  9. Interesting to hear about this new brand!

  10. thankyou Dawn for this lovely honest writeup on our beautiful professional brand
    Luscious Cosmetics™

    we love your blog!!

    and to all of Dawns lovely followers we are happy to announce we now offer INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!! please email your order requirements through to info@beautylusciousandco.com.au and we will reply with an invoice and shipping quote!

    we look forward to hearing and reading from you! ;-)

    kindest regards
    Beauty Luscious & co...


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