25 Mar 2013

The Overflowing Samples Box + A Slight Change

First off if you hadn't noticed already I made a few slight changes to the layout and background of my blog. It's not a massive change - just more simple and clean. I don't know why but my old layout/background colour irritated me, so I decided to change it and I'm quite glad I did. I think it looks much better. What do you think? I'm thinking of asking a fellow blog designer to make/design a new layout/header/buttons for my blog, but I don't know if I'm willing to fork out as much as $100 for it. Let's just stick to this simple look and see how we go.

Disregarding that ramble, it has come to my attention that I have an overflowing amount of full sized/sample sized products that I have received through many subscription beauty boxes. It's not that I actually don't want to try out and test them, it just always slips my mind when I'm doing my ever-changing skincare/make-up routine. 

 photo P3058997_zps862bf128.jpg

However, I have made the very hard decision to not buy any more new skincare, make-up and hair products (well open any of my new products, ha) until I finish everything in this massive box of samples. In saying that though, I don't think I will be using every single product in here - for e.g. the fake tan products. I actually quite tanned already (considering I am able to tan if I just sit in the for half an hour) and considering summer has just finished here in Australia, I am actually looking forward to becoming slightly paler. Only because I have a horrendous watch tan line at the moment! So that's probably one product I won't be using anytime soon!

 photo P3059000_zps42dab1e1.jpg

Hair care products

 photo P3059002_zpsaf2bd80f.jpg

Body products/miscellaneous product

 photo P3059004_zpsd36ae289.jpg

Make-up products
(not much in this category as I usually would try the make-up products straight away)

 photo P3059005_zps8b7b70f5.jpg

Skincare/Facial products

Upon using these products up I have also decided to do a little review on them. I got the idea from Evelyn from We Were Raised By Wolves who usually does the best mini reviews on sample sized products called '5 Mini Reviews'. Let's hope she doesn't mind me stealing her concept! If you have any requests as to which products you want me to try first please let me know! 



  1. Wow, that's quite a collection! Love your new layout :)

    Much love
    Jennifer x


  2. Have you tried the Dark Nude by Nature BB cream yet? I got that one too, and as you say you're quite tanned I think you'll be pleasently surprised with how well the dark will blend into your skin! I was using a light BB cream by a different brand before getting this sample, but it (dark)is def better for me in the summer when I'm tanned :)
    looking forward to seeing your reviews - as I have tried some of these products too I'd love to know what other people really think too!

  3. I love the Kosmea rosehip oil and the Swisse hand cream... I used those up really quickly!

  4. Loving your collection! >u<

  5. I have made the same decision many many times, and just failed to follow through on it haha! It's when new things get released, I get really excited and everyone is saying how great it is so I just need to buy it haha!
    Eleanor x


  6. That is a lot of samples! LOL Best of luck with sticking to your decission, every time I say I'm going on a spend ban somehow I get the opportunity, through no fault of my own, to cross off something from my never ending wishlist and of course I take it gladly haha Looking forward to those mini reviews ^^ xx

  7. I have the same problem as you & have decided to go on a bit of a spending ban until I finish up my samples. I look forward to reading your reviews on the samples once you've done them. I think I'm just going to review mine in an empties post because I never have enough empties but now that I'm using my sample I will :)

  8. Wow, that's a lot of samples!!!)

  9. GREAT COLLECTION.. and I love your new layout...

  10. So many samples! I don't have nearly as many but I've been definitely trying to use up my samples before buying any new products! I also love the new simple layout, so clean!

    x Tashi

  11. Thats a good idea, I get my samples try them once then put them in a box. I really should use them. I just love buying new things.

  12. I'm actually about to start the same thing this week! 5 miniature sample reviews, however had NO idea Evelyn did that - so I hope she won't mind me doing it as well haha!

  13. Wow that's a lot of samples o.o But I never use mine up either!
    Btw, I LOVE the new layout!!

  14. I should probably start doing this too haha!

  15. I really liked the Klorane mango conditioner, so much so that I bought the full size!

  16. So many reviews! I cannot wait for them :) I spy some Avene products and I love that brand, so I'm definitely going to be anticipating those the most!

  17. i'm excited with the bb cream, please review it. :D

  18. holy crap those are alot of samples! hahaha, i'm sure you'll have fun trying them out :) and I saw alot of them are very useful too.

    about your new blog layout, it's really good, i've always liked the simplicity of your blog theme anyway, it looks more professional and polished that way :) i was thinking of getting mine done by a pro web designer as well, there are others who only charge $50-$60, and they're so amazing! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  19. Good luck getting through those samples! That's a very admirable goal to not buy anything (or open anything) until you've finished with them. Hopefully you'll find a few products that you really love.

  20. Wow so many samples! I would probably be like this if I subscribed to the beauty boxes haha. I like the idea of 5 mini reviews! xx

  21. Holy shit, that's a lot of samples LOL. I'm probably the same... I receive the products then forget about them afterwards. They're starting to pile up so it's creating a big mess on my table.

  22. oh my god! you have such a massive collection!! I usually give it away to close friends or even sell 'em ^^

  23. yay! flooded with samples? where do you keep them all? hihi

  24. wow i want to try all of them :


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