28 Mar 2013

NOTD: Essie's Mod Squad + Sally Hansen's Shoot The Moon

One type of nail polish that I don't usually sport are metallics. Although I think they look beautiful, I just don't think they suit my skin tone. Anyways, I recently tried out Sally Hansen's Shoot To The Moon which was in one of the Bella Box's from a couple months ago. 

 photo P3119012_zps3983b7ae.jpg

I was originally going to pair Essie's Mod Squad with a glitter polish - a standard ritual of mine - but opted for this silver metallic foil polish would look stunning with the bright barbie pink. Luckily for me, it did turn out quite lovely (hopefully you will agree!).

 photo P3119016_zps9d05cc90.jpg
 photo P3119018_zps0bf655ae.jpg

Paired with my favourite top coat, Seche Vite, both polishes looked super glossy almost gel-like. It also made my nails last 5 days before any chipping occurred! 

 photo P3119008_zps2241b473.jpg
 photo P3119022_zps52c20246.jpg

Overall, I'm still a little sceptical whether I like metallic polishes on me. I'm definitely not going to be splashing on a full metallic manicure anytime soon, but I'll most certainly be wearing this metallic polish as an accent nail colour more often.



  1. looove the pink, so pretty!


  2. Ive never thought of mixing these colours, it looks really good. I am a big pink lover!

  3. I love the pink, so pretty and bright colours..!

  4. ooh pretty! I don't usually wear metallic colours either, don't think they suit my nails :P I like the pastel or neutral colours!
    I've never had an accent nail, where one finger was differently coloured from the rest. Maybe I'll try that!

  5. these nails are so pretty! xxx

  6. Love this combo! It's quite funny actually I've just done a very similar combo with a more neon pink & the metallic silver on two accent nails. I don't think the metallic looks bad on you at all, though! xx

  7. Love the nails! Love how you matched the colors! Will try something like this too for my NOTD. :)

  8. metallic color as an accent is a great idea. it looks good on you imo~

  9. Don't worry, it looks good on you! ^^
    Like how you matched the pink and metallic!


  10. Looks lovely :)
    Nice colour combo!

  11. its great colour combo dawn!! but i dont think its suit with my skin tone, :)

  12. i love Seche Vite top coat too :D

  13. looks pretty love the colours,

  14. Sally Hansen's Shoot To The Moon is so chic)


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