20 Mar 2013

Lust Have It! March 2013

Today I have my monthly Australian beauty subscription box post for you all! For all of you who didn't read my previous post (or haven't read any of them at all) I recently unsubscribed to one beauty box - BellaBox - as I was continuously fed up with being disappointed with the contents of their box. However, I stayed subscribed to Lust Have It! which turned out to be quite a excellent move on my part.

 photo P3199047_zps7218cbef.jpg

Back to the special LHI! packaging - except this time the box is blue instead of pink - my monthly beauty box arrived much earlier than it usually does, which is a delightful treat.

 photo P3199049_zpsca93089a.jpg
 photo P3199051_zpsdeb88466.jpg

I'm not 100% sure if there was a predominant theme with this month's box, but that doesn't really bother me as the products inside were quite pleasing. 

 photo P3199056_zps5c5a2736.jpg

- BioElixia: Body Shaper Celulite Contour Creme RRP $59 - full size
- GOSH Cosmetics: Mono Eyeshadow in Brown RRP $16 - full size
- 2x The Natural Source: Camouflage Colour Crayon RRP $9.95 - full size
- Goldwell: Dualsenses Rich Repair RRP $20.99 200ml - 50ml
- Advanced Natural: Hydrating Firming Mask RRP $49 50ml - 15ml

 photo P3199057_zpse77f0b59.jpg

One products that's I'm extremely excited to try is the GOSH eyeshadow. I've been pondering whether or not to buy a few of their shadows to try and now I've got one! Cannot wait to see whether or not they live up to the excellent reviews I've read about them. I'm also quite glad that I received the colour brown and not an outrageous colour like blue. Browns I can wear almost everyday - yay for neutrals. 
 photo P3199059_zpsf69f6fa7.jpg
 photo P3199060_zps31fde581.jpg

One thing that sucks about this box though is that I JUST recently purchased the whole collection of The Camouflage Crayons from BrandsExclusive! If only I waited a week or two and I could have tested them out for a much, much, much cheaper price (however I only paid $19.99 for the whole set!). 

 photo P3199061_zps88f1e1eb.jpg

I've noticed that a few of my fellow Australian bloggers had received a sample of the Urban Decay All Night Spray instead of the GOSH Cosmetics eyeshadow. I was actually hoping I would receive it as well as I've been wanting to try it for the longest time. But oh well, at least I'm still impressed with the eyeshadow. 

 photo P3199064_zpsfec7d8bc.jpg

I also received a few coupon cards to various brands - Dollar Shave, The Iconic and BioElixia.

 photo P3199055_zps05b64c50.jpg

Oh and last but not least a heart shaped lollipop! What more can you ask for? Everyone loves lollipops!

 photo P3199058_zps265cf379.jpg

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this month's LHI. I would actually try everything in this box and not just chuck it into my overfilling product samples box! I'm relieved that my box didn't contain 4 samples of skincare an a mediocre full sized product, as per what I've previously been receiving. So glad I stuck with LHI!

Lust Have It! now retails for $19.95 per month for new customers (however it will cost existing customers $14.95 for the next 6 months). If all the boxes have fab products like these then the extra $5 doesn't bother me!


  1. I need that eye pencil haha xD
    btw, you are lucky to get the coupon. :p

  2. Would love to try Gosh makeup, looks so nice ^^ Enjoy it all darling xx

  3. the packaging of this box is amazing!

  4. Nice box.) I'd like to try the GOSH eyeshadows.

  5. I am already happy with just the box! It's really stylish!I have heard that a lot of bloggers are unhappy with some beauty boxes, but this one is a keeper :)
    Thank you for sharing your honest opinion.


  6. The box design is really pretty, the prettiest Ive seen around compared to other beauty boxes. I am liking the Gosh eye colour too.

  7. Nica box... and nice quality inside.. :D

  8. The GOSH shadow looks amazing! I always see the brand in stores in Canada but have never really been drawn into them so I will definitely be checking their shadows out now <3 xo

  9. I am so impressed with this month's box! I am definitely keeping up with my sub... I don't mind the $5 increase if the boxes are this good!

  10. Great box! I unsubscribed to Bellabox a while ago after being repeatedly disappointed and I didn't renew my LHI subscription after mine expired becsuse I was on the fence about it and the last box didn't wow me.

    It did give me subscription box withdrawal though so I joined Her Fashion Box which is something a little bit different.. Just received my first box so I'll have go wait and see if they'll consistently impress me.

    x peachsbeauty


  11. I wish I got the eyeshadow.. and the finishing spray! I got some Orly Speed drops instead! I'm really happy with my box though.. being all covered in cellulite as I am lol.
    I purchased an annual sub at the discounted price so I'm really looking forward to what the next 12 months boxes have to offer :)

  12. Urban Decay samples in Australia? I hope that means that the brand will follow here shortly after!

  13. Nice box!
    Would love to try Gosh makeup, looks so nice)

  14. Nice box!~ So pretty packaging. c:

  15. I like the box :) It's nice that they included makeup that is from a brand we've actually heard of!

  16. It's good that this box wasn't just sample and more samples! I really get annoyed when that happens!
    But this one looks like a really good box! ^^
    Yay for more beauty products!


  17. does everybody's item will be different? :O

  18. the items are pretty nice! ^_~

  19. i hope my beautybox will be as worthed as yours : D

  20. i like the shadow of gosh :)

  21. the gosh's shadows looks perfect!


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