9 Mar 2013


Last week I was contacted by the owner of a newly launched food subscription box in Australia called Europe In A Box. Now I don't know about you, but I have been wanting to travel to Europe for the longest time and not just for the shopping or site seeing, but for the food! So for someone to offer European delicates right to my door step excites me deeply. 

 photo Europeinabox_zps65e76c70.png

Each Europe In A Box includes hand-picked delicious authentic treats as well as educational/cultural/culinary information. This food subscription box is said to 'connect food lovers with the flavours of Europe from the comfort of their own homes in Australia'. For those of you who love to try new cuisines or just a big lover of European foods but cannot physically travel to Europe this is the perfect box for you. 

Fantastic food delivered to your door step is not the only amazing factor about Europe In A box, it also encourages philanthropy. With a percentage of each sale from Europe In A Box is donated to the only national charity in Australia that is dedicated to tackling racism issues - All Together Now. Eating food never felt so good and guilt free!

 photo EuropeinaBox_zps51cba03d.jpg

Each Europe In A box will contain four gourmet products from different culinary destinations across Europe - products include authentic imported drinks, additional food samples and a keepsake. For example March's box included treats from France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain, as well as free samples and a souvenir gift. A few more examples in the picture below:

 photo brands_europeinabox-1_zps59639156.jpg

Unlike other subscription boxes in Australia (Lust Have It, Bella Box, Her Fashion Box etc) Europe In A Box is not a reoccurring subscription. If you would like to try out a box, you only need to pay one amount and you will receive one box. You will not be charged for the following month's box unless you actually sign into your account and purchase another one - which I think is delightful. I actually find it quite fussy for other subscription boxes to be reoccurring as if you forget to unsubscribe you will be forced to purchase another one's subscription. 

There are 3 different membership options to choose from:

1 Month - $53
3 Months - $149
6 Months - 289

A little on the pricey side but definitely worth it for all the goodies you receive! Cyndie, (founder of Europe In A box) has kindly given us the chance to try out Europe In A box for a discounted price

SPREADTHELOVE: $5 off your 1 month subscription 
DISCOVEREUROPE: $10 off a 3 month subscription

 These discounts will be available to use up until the 30th March. So what are you waiting for? Let's get eating!



  1. woww!! this is really interesting! ^_~

  2. I got contacted by the owner too, but I didn't feature this because I thought it was strange that she was contacting beauty blogs to advertise her food box. It does sound interesting though

    1. Beauty bloggers eat too!

    2. True, but rarely do they review food

    3. Same here! An interesting concept, but not really applicable for my blog and it's also quite expensive.

  3. omg sounds yummy! Food box sounds amazing *_*

  4. omg this is so cool! HAHA I want to try this!


  5. What a cool idea, who doesn't love food!?? It is pricey but at least you don't have to worry about paying for it when you don't want it.

  6. I love this idea, it's good to see some different types of subscription boxes start to come out, and especially foody ones which I think could possibly be better than beauty ones (I would eat all the food, but may not use all the beauty products).

  7. This sounds very interesting! It's a bit pricey but I'd love to see what other people get in their box :)

  8. I also think it's a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wtf, I thought I posted a comment before but I guess I didn't :( I would love to try out one of these boxes as I love receiving food and I want to travel to Europe as well one day. A bit on the expensive side for my current budget, boo.

    I've tagged you in my latest post if you feel like doing it! Procrastination at its best!

  10. that's actually a great idea! it's a great way to taste alot of European food without spending too much money :)

  11. This is an amazing way to try foreign products!

  12. So cool!! I hope they have portuguese products too!!


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