5 Feb 2013

Empties #3

I cannot believe this is my 3rd empties post! I feel as though I've been able to use up more and more products lately which I think is a good thing considering I have more than the average person should. Also, I'm considering to hold a little blog sale but I'm not quite sure, what do you think I should do? 

 photo P1068543_zps5b78d169.jpg

Natio Intensive Moisturising Day Cream: At first I didn't quite like this cream - I thought it was a little too thick and heavy to be a day cream. But after using it for about 2 weeks, my skin started to get use to it and I could see that my skin felt much more moisturised. I'm actually quite saddened that I've finished this moisturiser up as I had grown accustomed to the intense moisturising effect it had on my skin. Although, with that being said, I don't think I will be repurchasing this in the near future as I would like to experiment more with other skincare ranges. 

Natio Renew Radiance Foam Cleanser: Similarly with the day cream, this cleanser slowly grew on me as I kept on using it. Although it did break me out when I first used it, my skin got use to it and it began to work. I did enjoy using this cleanser, but like I said earlier, I don't think I will be repurchasing this in the near future as I want to experiment with other skincare brands. 

QV Revitalising Eyecream: I think this is about the 3rd tube I've used up of this product and I cannot get enough of it. I've used other eye creams and nothing compares to this inexpensive eye cream. I don't know whether it's just me but it seriously works wonders to help revitalise the area around your eyes. Would I repurchase? Hell yes. 

 photo P1068545_zps1bfe8948.jpg

RE-NU Contact Lens Solution: Honestly, I don't know the difference when it comes to different contact lens solutions but I have used this brand ever since I first started wearing prescription lens. It keeps my contacts fresh and cleanses them thoroughly, oh and it's extremely cheap when you buy from Chemist Warehouse (3 bottles for only $15!). Repurchase? Yes. 

MAC Brush Cleanser: Although I usually don't bother buying actual brush cleaners as I like to use body wash/baby shampoo/regular shampoo and other liquids along those lines, I decided to give MAC's brush cleanser a try and I'm actually surprised with the difference. MAC's brush cleanser smells like a bajillion chemicals are in it, but it also works faster to clean my brushes. For example, when using shampoo it would take me about 3-4 times to clean a kabuki brush thoroughly, but when using MAC's cleanser it would only take me 2 times max. Would I repurchase this? I think I would if I'm ever bothered to go to a MAC counter to pick it up, but I'll be perfectly fine using shampoo as well. 

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair Spray: Before I started using my much beloved Moroccan Oil, I bought myself this repairing spray thinking it would do wonders for my hair. Unfortunately, I didn't see much of a difference when I used it therefore, I switched to the Moroccan Oil. About a year later, I have finally finished using this spray and I'm very glad to be rid of it. Would I repurchase? Probably not. 

 photo P1068547_zps5dc370a2.jpg

Natio Mineral Pressed Powder: This has got to be one of my favourite powders. It has great coverage, keeps me matte and doesn't look cakey. I already have two back-ups of this. Repurchase? No need to ;)

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm: If you've been reading my blog for a while now you will know how much I love this lip balm. Will I be repurchasing this? I already have a back-up waiting to be opened!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfecter: When I first started using this I thought this was the best product ever invented. But after experimenting with other concealers I see that now this is a mediocre product. I don't think I will be repurchasing this in the future. 

Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme: This product has lasted me for the longest time! Not only is it very effective of hiding those under eye circles and blemishes, it doesn't look cakey on the skin. Would I repurchase? Yes, yes, yes. 

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Dove Cleansing 3-In-1 Wipes: I'm pretty sure I've been through about 20 of these in my life-time. I find that these are the most gentle and yet most effective wipes I've used. Other wipes that remove make-up quite easily tend to sting my eyes and make them extremely itchy, these however don't have that affect on me. I will definitely be repurchasing these when I finish with my Bioderma.

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer: Best. Hand. Sanitizer. Ever. This smells amazing and works like a charm. Would I repurchase? YES PLEASE! 

 photo P1068549_zps137c6768.jpg

I hope you like this quick empties post - hopefully another one will be coming on it way as I want to use up as many products as I can this year! Thank you for reading!



  1. You finished so many products! :) I love the BBW hand sanitizers!

  2. awesome products and lovely post as always ♥

  3. I love those products! :) We have thesame cleansing wipes^_~

  4. I really need to try that thin lizzy concealer, everyone seems to love it!

  5. I wish I could use up my products as fast or as much as you. I always use them halfway and they never see the daylight ever again LOL...

  6. I have a few empties sitting there waiting until I have some more! Ah so annoying to keep haha, you must go through things quickly! I like the sound of that eye cream :) And I might have to give the thin lizzy concealer a go.

  7. Yay! Good for you ^__^ Ugh, I'm so bad about ever finishing anything -___-


  8. YES Love the Natio pressed powder!! :D
    And I've heard such good things about Thin Lizzy concealer, I might save up and buy it as I think it's a bit pricey. :)

  9. I really need to look into this Thin Lizzy concealer. Everyone that has tried it seems to love it and the range of shades is highly appealing. I'm with you with the contact solution. I don't know if there is any difference, but I've always sticked to the first one my eye doctor recommended.

  10. i've got curious about the QV Revitalising Eye cream and the Lizzy Concealer. I'll have to try them.

  11. Wow great empties.. I think I just added a bunch of stuff to my wishlist hahaha!

  12. I have the L'Oreal Elvive spray too and it does absolutely nothing! I'm not too fond of the scent either so I threw it out. I have been hearing lots of good things about the Thin Lizzy concealers so I really want to try it as I haven't had a good experience with concealers yet. I was just wondering where you purchased it? Great to hear that the QV eye cream works well for you, and even better that it is quite affordable too!

    1. I actually got mine in one of the glossy boxes months and months ago - but I've seen them around in Priceline! :) x

  13. Where do you get your BBW hand sanitizer from? I use the MAC cleanser as a spot cleanser - i.e. I clean my brushes after every use by spraying some cleanser on the brush and wiping it on a clean paper towel. I love it!

    P.S. I vote for a blog sale!

  14. I have thought about buying a spot cleanser for my brushes since I only deep cleanse with baby shampoo every 2 weeks or so. That MAC one might work well for that purpose. I have the Natio pressed powder from the Priceline beauty bag earlier last year but have barely touched it :p

  15. i think i should looking for a good eye cream.. haha


  16. great job on emptying lots of products!! I am so interested with the Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme!! ^_~

  17. i use that brush cleanser too, just wish it was cheaper!

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  18. I would love to try the MAC Brush cleaner as I always have a problem with brushes and getting them cleaned to then dry nice and soft again :) x


  19. The total repair spray is something i really wanna try! x


  20. This post was a really interesting read.

    I just use baby shampoo to clean my brushes too.. I think i'll stick with it as it's so much cheaper than the MAC cleaner!

    Lovely blog, i'm a new follower.

    Kimberley x


  21. lovely blog.

  22. that L'Oreal Elvive spray is not even good, such a disappointment because they advertised it really well =/ It's nice that the Dove cleansing wipes work for you, my skin is so sensitive for it, it gave me small rashes, urghh.

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  23. dang you fniished quite a lot of products! i want to dry the thin lizzy concealer cream! where do you buy yours?

  24. I just added a bunch of stuff to my wishlist, thank you!

  25. Great post, makes me want to do an empties post as well. You're an inspiration! :D

  26. I really want to try the Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme. I've heard some good things about it but unfortunately I'm not from australia and it's hard for me to get. I also heard australian makeup is really expensive!!!

  27. Wow I've never heard of any of these companies. Cool choices!

  28. you finish many product..! awesome~

  29. i would love to try Dove Cleansing 3-In-1 Wipes

  30. congratz for this dear!
    i love trying new prodcuts too, so it hard for me too sometime to finish some products
    some even stay until expired
    i'll follow yor path to finish mine too >.<
    now waste products anymore *promise

  31. I really want to try the Natio Mineral Pressed Powder:

  32. After your post I tried thin lizzy concealer cream and I am amazed! it s great! hank you!

  33. i would love to try Natio pressed powder!)


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