8 Feb 2013

BellaBox VS Lust Have It January 2013 + Giveaway Winner Announced!

Another month has passed and another late beauty subscription box blog post. Unfortunately, I was one of the unlucky people this month who received their Lust Have It box late (about two weeks late). I won't go into too much detail in this comparison post as I feel as though if I start examining the two I will start a massive rant. Overall, let's just say I was thoroughly unimpressed with both boxes this month.

 photo P2078748_zpsf608f6bc.jpg

BellaBox dedicated their box to Australian brands this month - which is quite patriotic as January is holds the beloved national Australia Day. Now, as much as I love Australian brands I felt that these products were quite 'meh'. I mean I love to look after my skin and therefore discovering new skincare products, but when pretty much all the products inside this months box were skincare products I was quite annoyed. The only actual 'make-up' product in this month's box was a sample of Natio BB Cream - which I could have picked up for free at a chemist or a department store. Thus, very disappointed in this months box.

 photo P2078752_zpse85a25be.jpg
 photo P2078753_zps55890d21.jpg
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After the dissatisfaction of BB's box I was looking forward to see what Lust Have It had in store for this month. Because I had received my box pretty late (1st annoyance) I had seen the other Australian bloggers post up what they had received in their box and from what I saw I was over the moon - it looked fantastic. It has included a Nude by Nature BB Cream and Face Of Australia bronzing powder - two things I really wanted to try. I was wishing, praying, hoping that when my box came I would be receiving at least those two products, but of course when it did arrived I received the wrong colour BB Cream and no bronzing powder. Instead of the bronzing powder I received a Silk Of Morocco lip gloss which I had previous received in another beauty box and absolutely hated it. So after seeing that I had received two awful things I saw that I had received 3 Avene skincare products and sample satchels of shampoo and conditioner. Seriously??!????!?! As much as I love Avene products I was extremely madden when I saw them. I'm pretty sure throughout the last year of subscribing to both boxes I have been given at least 20 different types of Avene products - enough is enough.

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 photo P2078756_zps7ec2bb5a.jpg
 photo P2078760_zps1ba0ec79.jpg
 photo P2078761_zps1d04c6b7.jpg
 photo P2078758_zps19ef6dc7.jpg

So much for not ranting, hey? Anyways, it's pretty clear that both boxes were disappointing this month (well in my opinion anyway). I'm seriously contemplating of just unsubscribing because I'm fed up of receiving terrible products. If next month is like this I'm definitely going to be unsubscribing. So who wins this months beauty box battle? Lust Have It - based purely on the fact that the box is beautifully packaged.


Now on a brighter note - the announcement of my birthday giveaway! First up, I just want to say thank you for everyone who participated in this giveaway - especially those who ended up 'liking' my newly created Facebook page! I cannot believe this giveaway had over 7000 entries! Anywhoo without further ado the winner is..

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-07at112524AM_zpsb9f1432a.png

Congrats to Jennifer! For all of you who didn't win this giveaway, please don't feel discouraged! I am planning on doing another giveaway in the near future to celebrate this blog getting a Facebook page and for me finally getting Instagram! Yes, I know I'm extremely late on that bandwagon but late than never right? So please keep an eye out for that giveaway. Thank you for reading and a big thank you to all my readers.

Have an amazing weekend. xo


  1. congrats to the winner :)
    agreed with the boxes, theyre not that exciting, and the hype is a bit overrated atm..hopefully next month would be good though!

  2. Oh what, I would've been mad too if I received the same LHI box as you. I'm so sick of seeing Avene products. I think we may have received different boxes because I have an annual subscription so I'm a VIP. Not sure!

  3. congrats to winner :)

    visit my blog ^^

  4. aw, congratulations to the winner!!

  5. Congrats to the winner!
    Aww it's too bad you didn't receive the makeup products :( I'm really never impressed with LHI or BellaBox.

  6. Congrats to the lucky winner!
    Sorry to hear about the BB box disappointment. I would have ranted about it too. =0)
    New GFC follower!

  7. I am unsubscribed to bellabox now, this months box was not impressive at all! Congrats to the winner :)

  8. i can see how you're disappointed! both boxes have products that can either be given free from other stores or very very cheap, definitely not worth the month subscription price. the Lust Have It box is really cute though lol ;)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  9. cngrats to winner :) n my turn hope so nxt tym

  10. Sorry to hear that both boxes left you seriously underwhelmed! Especially since you were excited to receive certain products that you didn't end up getting. Australian beauty boxes are seriously subpar compared to UK/US equivalents - it's really depressing!

  11. I wasn't unimpressed with my LHI box, I got a Lush emotional brilliance eyeshadow which was nice and the BB cream was medium so it was a colour I could almost get away with (Although the BB cream itself is TERRIBLE). Considering how easy it is to have a survey with your skin tone as a question I don;t understand why they don't just fix this and send people the right one??
    I was appalled at the BellaBox though I resent being given a tiny sample of BB cream as a "deluxe sample" and I thought the cooling gel was awful. As someone who doesn't let myself get burnt (um skin cancer?!!!!!!!) I hated being sent this.
    I'm pretty sick of Avene products, they went into the stash that has been building up, I have 3 of those foaming cleanser things now.

  12. Oh how disappointing, with all of these posts I don't think I would bother with subscribing to any of these boxes and instead save money for products I know I will actually use & love. I already have enough junk without getting other samples that I would probably give away to someone else!
    And congrats to the winner

  13. That's seriously disappointing about both boxes :( x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  14. I was super unimpressed with Bellabox, and I usually try to look at the positives. I couldn't look the other way with this month. I was lucky enough to receive the "better" LHI box, and if I had received the one you got, I would have been really mad. I'm sick of them repeating products, it's not fair to their long-term loyal subscribers. Sure, the new subs haven't had it before... but what about us loyal spenders?
    Hah sorry I wanted to rant too :P

  15. congrats to the winner!! I am so skeptical of these subscription boxes they seem to be hit or miss depending on season/holiday.....and some seem to give great items to get you to subscribe then go down to less awesome items...lol

  16. wish that we had bella box here in phils also =)

  17. bella box it's sounds nice :)

    congratz to the winner :)


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