10 Nov 2012

NOTD: China Glaze For Audrey, Julep Michelle & LA Girl Celebrate

Another day, another Nail Of The Day post. Now it's so secret that I'm a big fan of accent nails. Almost every time I paint my nails I have to add in an accent nail - whether it be a contrasting or complimentary colour, or throwing in a little glitter. But this week, I decided to go all out and do all three, haha!

So for my accent nails this week I used Julep's Michelle nail polish. This is the first time trying out Julep nail polishes before and I was quite impressed with the formula/consistency and the opaqueness of the polish. I thought the shape of the polish was quite odd but very unique looking, and because of this I assumed it would be difficult to work with. Fortunately, it was extremely simple to apply and is actually easier than a few other polishes I've used! I'm definitely intrigued and wanting to try more!

L.A Girl Glitter Addict in Celebrate was also a lovely surprise. I find that most glitter polishes are a hit or a miss, and I'm thankful that this one is a HIT! The mixture of both chunky glitter and colourful iridescence makes this polish perfect for either layering or used as a top coat. I could certainly see myself sporting this glitter polish alone, as it's just so lovely to look at. 

And of course China Glaze's For Audrey is a winner, there's no need to harp on about how lovely it is as it's been said too many times, haha.

Thank you so much for reading! Again, I would like to apologise for the inconsistent posts and the lack of replies on my behalf. I've been focusing on studying for my upcoming exams, so I haven't been able to jump on blogger as much (or at all) during the past week or two. But not to worry, I will definitely be back to normal as soon as I'm done with exams. Oh and I'm also going on a little holiday right after exams as well and you know what that means right? SHOPPING!...so maybe a haul post coming up?? Haha, there goes my spending ban. Anyway, enough waffle, back to studying!

Hope you've all been well and I'll speak to you soon xo


  1. pretty! i love it! i always do accent nails with my manicure as well!

  2. oh la la la ~ i love this shade of blue so much! reminds me of the sky, sooo gorgeous! i love the touch of pastel tone as well, i want it! :)

    1. and oh.. goodluck with you exams!! yayy for holidays, can't wait for your hauls! <3

  3. These are lovely!! I am a huge fan of the accent nail as well!

  4. This is a gorgeous look! :)
    I love accent nails!

    Natasha Carly x

  5. This looks absolutely stunning, I wouldn't have thought of this cookout combo but it looks great!
    Mel x


  6. So cute! I love the glitter polish(: xoxo

  7. Wow this is just stunning! I have had my eye on For Audrey for the longest time :) I think I've already said it on another post but if not I hope your exams are going well for you lovely!

  8. Umm wow this is too stunning for words! I hear ya about accent nails, the perfect way too add a different design without being tacky <3 x

  9. Good luck with your exams Dawn! Don't study too hard ;) I'll be looking forward to more regular blogging from you when you're all done :)

    This is a lovely mani - I don't really do accent nails (I'm the kind of person who would love that accent nail you did on every single one of my nails, haha), but I like how complementary For Audrey is with the Julep and glitter combination. The LA Girl glitter is super pretty!

  10. Wow, that glitter polish is stunning! I love the color combo you choose, it reminds me of a party haha :) xx

  11. So pretty! Perfect color!!<3

    ox from NYC!


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  13. Loving the China Glaze polish but the glitter is amazing! It looks like a great polish to wear for a night out :)

  14. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  15. The accent colour is gorgeous this is a great idea :)

  16. Love that color combination. The dark blue and glitter is fabulous.

  17. I love the dark blue nail with glitter. I love that for Audrey color I own a great dupe for it which is WetnWild's I need a Refreshmint :)

  18. your nails look amazing! such gorgeous colours!!

  19. Gorgeous aquamarine color choices - reminds me of the Caribbean ocean!

  20. So lovely! Adore the combination :)


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