15 Nov 2012

Empties #2

Another month gone by, another empties post. First off can I just say, why the hell is it that skincare products are so much easier to finish than make up products? I find that I am able to finish at least 3 skin care products before I am able to finish half of one beauty SAMPLE haha. The sad thing is I'm not even exaggerating on this, skin care is just so much easier! Anyways, if you couldn't tell already, my empties post is mostly filled with skin care products, with the odd shower and beauty products in chucked in. I was planning on posting this up at the end of October/beginning of the month but I constantly found myself at the bottom of a study mountain and I just couldn't climb it. Oh well, better late than never right?

So the first products I was able to use up (not at the same time, a couple weeks apart actually) was two body washes. I have the tendency of opening something new half way through I finish something else, so this month I forced myself to finish at least one of these bad boys, and surprisingly enough I was able to finish first!

Palmolive Naturals Milk & Cherry Blossom Shower Milk - Words can not explain how beautiful this body wash smells. I was so sad when I ran out of this because it seriously smells that amazing. It's a great body wash, it does leave the skin feeling quite moisturised and bloody hell this bad boy lathers up so well! If you love body washes that provide a lot of bubbles then this is the one for you.

Victoria's Secret Body Wash in Secret Charm - Yet another heavenly scented body wash that you wish you could eat but can't. If this was based on scent, this would clearly be a winner, but unfortunately I found that this body wash didn't lather up properly. When using this, there were bubbles for about 5 seconds and then it just felt as though I was using my body scrubber with just plain water. So for it to leave a nice clean feeling on the skin it would take about a handful of product, which for any other body wash would be over kill. So this one was a little disappointing to me. 

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream - This is hands down the best hair product I've ever used. After bleaching my hair and dying it red 10 times during an eight month period, you can imagine how dry, brittle and dead my hair was. But thankfully my friend had advised me to test of Moroccan Oil and I'm so greatful I did. Over the last 6 months of using it, my hair is better than over. Although it's not 100% healthy, it's about 200% healthier than when I first used it (does that even make sense?). I have already a back-up of this ready to use! 

The next three products are samples I have received in beauty boxes over the last couple of months.

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream - When I first received this product I was ecstatic and could not wait to try it. Now however, having finished the eye cream and a bit 'meh' with it. It definitely wasn't a product at all, but wasn't exactly the best either. It definitely comes second to my all time favourite eye cream QV Face Revitalising Eye Cream

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub - Again another 'meh' product for me. Don't get me wrong, it was quite a lovely scrub and it did smell good, but similarly there are better scrubs out there in my opinion (Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub & St Ive's Apricot Scrub).

Benefit Porefessional - Ta Da! Final a sample product that I like LOVE! This is one of my favourite primers to use! Not only does it reduce the appearance of pores (making your skin look buttery smooth) it also helps to mattify your face all day long!  And because I do have oily skin, this is pretty much a holy grail product for me as it does really work! I am certainly grabbing a full product of this as soon as I finish up the other sample I have of this.

Wot Not Organic Facial Wipes - These wipes were quite gentle and refreshing, however the make-up removal component of these wipes were lacking. I would say that these wipes would be able to remove about 60% of your make-up but it will the slightest residue of facial make-up along with all of your eye make-up in tact. So I ended up using these as just fresher wipes instead. 

Savar Essential Hydrating Moisturiser - This was definitely very hydrating and i felt as though made your skin look more radiant. I'm quite upset that I finished all of it.When I wasn't able to pump anymore out, I moved onto scraping the sides of the tube with the pump because I didn't want to stop using it, ha. I'm definitely thinking of repurchasing this after I finish my current Natio moisturiser..

Ardell LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive - One of my favourite eyelash glues (the other being DUO lash glue). It easy to use, dries either black or clear and quick drying. What else can you ask for in a lash glue??

MAC Fluid Line in Black Track - Ahh one of the best gel liners everrrrrr. Not only was it long lasting and the blackest black liner I've used, but the product itself will last you the longest time. If you want a great quality gel liner, then look no further than MAC Black Track - It's definitely worth every single penny! 

I hope you liked my second empties post! Sorry if the little description/review was a little brief - I still have one more exam to sit until I'm free and on holidays, but for now I'm still on study mood. Anyways, sorry again for the lack of posts and interaction! I'll be back to normal ASAP, I promise. 

Until then, I hope you're all doing well & thank you so much for reading!


  1. I am exactly the same with finishing skincare products faster than makeup! I have some products I don't think I will *ever* finish haha. That hydrating moisturize looks good!
    Great post x

  2. I want to try the pore professional so bad! I was actually looking into all kinds of products and videos for pores yesterday!

    thanks for the awesome info!

  3. awws, i was going to invest in a Victoria secret body wash because they smelt so yummy like you stated but knowing that it doesn't lather up that well, i may have to give it a miss. I really need MorocconOil in my life because my hair is so dry and damaged from the cold windy weather at the minute and i haven't had the time to treat it with any hair masks these days. Benefit porefessional is always part of my daily make-up routine. I love it so much!
    Yes, the change in the name is quite a good idea :) It actually looks quite cool on the address bar~ Looking forward to reading more posts from you soon :D Have a nice day~xx


  4. i so want to try the palmolive and victoria secret body wadh ! Definitely need the moroccan oil ! my hair is behaving really weird these days !!


  5. Doesn't it feel nice to finally finish products. :) I love Moroccan Oil products! xx

  6. I think I'll try the Ardell Lash Glue :) The one I got was some cheapo that didn't even work -.-
    Do you think Essence's gel liner is comparable to Mac's blacktrack? It's amazing!

  7. I really need to pick up that porefessional - I have heard nothing but good things about it!


  8. I love porefessional as well! I had a sample too and was surprised by how amazing it really was, so I've ordered a full size! I think I will check out the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream. The packaging looks a lot better than the sample oil I am using at the moment.

  9. I really wan to try Benefits Porefessional, but I'm so unbelievably broke right now :'( It seems so promising!

  10. oooh, I wanted to try the Moroccan Oil Cream its sounds super duper nice! I really have to get this since I dye my hair almost every month~ (i hope my hair is still alive, weep*) my HG primer would also be Porefessional it works uuh-Ma-ZING!!!~ loved it =)

  11. I've heard so many good things about pore-fessional im going to have to invest! x

  12. Oh my goodness, you put me to shame. I have to be more diligent with my skin routine. Ahhh!

  13. Yay great post! Makeup products take me forever to finish too :) Moccocan oil is good stuff!

  14. Good luck on your last exam! The end is nigh :p I have always wanted to try Fluidline, but I have the Maybelline gel liner, so I didn't buy it when I was in the US. I've never tried Porefessional but I've read mixed reviews about it - glad that you really liked it though! I think I need that Morrocanoil product in my life ;)

  15. i find it amazing that you can empty a whole bottle of Victoria's Secret spray, i can never do it even though i want to, haha, i'm such a perfume hoarder, lol :)
    Goodluck with your last exam even though you might be finished now since this is a late comment, hehe i've been so busy as well. i miss reading your blog posts! <3

  16. I've always wanted to try the porefessional from Benefit! :) Actually, all the Benefit products but they're a bit pricey here in our country.

  17. "the blackest black liner!?" this post make me want to try MAC Fluid Line in Black Track...

  18. after reading your review on morrocon oil ,i amso tempted to try it..where do you bought it from


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