22 Oct 2012

The Reason Why I'm Poor - Online Haul

Hello beautiful people, today I have a haul to share you and yes, as you can tell from the photo below I went a little crazy with online shopping. After completing my spending ban I went straight onto Beautyjoint and Cherry Culture and snatched up all the products I had my eye on for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, because of this spending craze, I have put myself back on a make-up spending ban until next year (or the end of the year when sales are on). This however, does not include skincare products (I have my eye on a few Lush Christmas range products haha). I do blame my poor self control for this shopping outburst, but I also think NYX not showing up at IMATS made me want their products more. So when I did go online to purchase a few lot of their products, I ended up grabbing other unnecessary but desired products. 

Enough waffle, time to get onto the haul! Oh just a quick side note, I won't be doing any reviews in this haul post unfortunately just a few snaps of what I picked up. I will however be doing reviews on all these products throughout the rest of the year, so please stay tuned. Also, I really can't stress how much I don't want to come across as bragging - I absolutely love reading haul posts or watching haul videos and I know a lot of others out there love them too. So I just want to share with you haul lovers what I recently purchased as well as the amazing websites to get them from! :) Okay, now it's really time for the haul !

First up is a Topshop blusher that I actually didn't get online - Topshop has recently opened up here in Sydney so I couldn't wait to get my hands on a few of their beauty products (as well as their phenomenal clothing). However, I did control myself whilst in there (there's a first for everything) and only purchased one blusher. 

Topshop Cream Blusher in Flush

Next up, I made another naughty purchase on OzSale when they were having a MAC sales event. If you don't know what OzSale is, it is a flash sale site that is similar to the States' Hautelook. They tend to have more known brands on there once in a while, but they are quite good when offered. I ended up purchasing a mineralise skin finish, a blusher and two lipsticks.

MAC powder blush in Dessert Rose
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Give Me Sun!
MAC lipsticks in Pink Nouveau and Angel

Another purchase from OzSale (yes I have a terrible obsession, but I cannot resist when there's amazing brands available!) is a Face Atelier foundation. I have seen Face Atelier advertised in many different places stating that their products are frequently used on the set of True Blood. This pretty much sold me on their foundation as I love the make-up used on True Blood. The only disappointing thing about this foundation for me, is that it's tiny, but more will be said later in a review.

FACEatelier Ultra Pro Foundation 

Now onto the NYX products. As I mentioned before, I was quite devastated when NYX didn't turn up at the Sydney IMATS a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to head online and pick up a few of their products I was dying to get my hands on. The first thing I knew I have to grab were the NYX Black Label lipsticks. 

One of the lipsticks unfortunately didn't come with a box like the others - which is a shame as the packaging is so lovely. 

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Heiress, Poem, Midnight Dinner and Jaipur 

More products I needed wanted to have in my life was the NYX Soft Matte Lipcreams and the Xtreme Lip Creams. I have heard tonnes and tonnes of raves about these products that I knew that I would end up loving them no matter what. And no shock here, they're absolutely stunning! Disappointingly a few of the shades I picked up do look quite similar to each other, but none of the less I still adore these.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land, Dolly Girl, Strawberry Jam, Bonfire & Nude Peach Fuzz. 
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa, San Paulo, Antwerp, Istambul & Amsterdam 

Of course you cannot go on a NYX craze without grabbing a few of their blushers. I choose to only grab two blushers as I didn't want to go overboard (too bad that didn't happen... haha) and I ended up grabbing these two shades because of FleurDeForce as she loves these two!

NYX Blush in Desert Rose & Pinky

I also wanted to try out a few of NYX's single eyeshadows. I was contemplating on grabbing one of their eyeshadow palettes but I thought I should just experiment with a few singles first. 

NYX Single Eyeshadows in (Clockwise) True Taupe, OroGunmetal & Hawaiian Coffee 

And for the last NYX product I grabbed were two NYX Jumbo Eyepencils. I do have a couple of these prior to purchasing the new ones so I knew I have to play around with a few more. I cannot wait to use these babies as my eyeshadow bases!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bronze and Cottage Cheese

Next up is Jordana Blushers. I wasn't really sure whether these would be a good purchase as I was unsure of the quality of the blushers. But what convinced me to give these a go was LaurenBeautyy from youtube. I'm so glad I did end up purchasing these as they're good quality blushers for an inexpensive price!

Jordana Blushers in (clockwise) Sunlit Bronze, Tawny Beige, Rose Silk and Coral Sandy Beach

Another brand I've had my eye on is Milani. Not only have I heard that their blushers are amazing, I have also read rave reviews on their Liquif'eye liners. It's a no brainer I picked two. I also wanted to test out a felt tip liquid liner, so I chose one from Wet N Wild. Let's just say for now that the Felt Tip Liner was a bad mistake..

Milani's Liquif'eye liner in Black and Brown. Wet N Wild's Felt Tip Liner in Black

Also from Milani, I purchased two Lip Flash pencils. I first saw these over on Kat's blog and desperately wanted to try them out. Yes, I'm a sucker when reading other people's blog posts - it somehow gets stuck in my head that I need products I don't have.

Milani Lip Flash Pencils in Flashy & Photo Flash

Now onto Wet N Wild - there are countless blogposts/youtube videos claiming that Wet N Wild products are extremely amazing for the price. So without a doubt, I instantly went online to pick them up when my spending ban finished. I ended up purchasing two blushers, 3 palettes (one of which unfortunately broke during transmission) and 6 lipsticks.

Wet N Wild Blush in Heather Silk and Pearlescent Pink
Wet N Wild Palette in Petal Pusher, Comfort Zone and Blue Had Me At Hello
Wet N Wild Matte Lipsticks in Think Pink, Pinkerbell, Dollhouse Pink,
 Mauve Outta Here, Don't Blink Pink & Cherry Picking

And lastly, I purchase a few nail polishes because a girl can never have too many. I chose to pick up another For Audrey polish as the one I currently own has gone quite gloopy - luckily China Glaze is so affordable. I also picked up the famous Seche Vite and I have to say is, it definitely lives up to the hype.

L.A Girl Glitter in Celebrate. China Glaze Polishes in For Audrey, Limbo Bimbo and 
Midnight Dinner. Seche Vite top coat. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you lovelies enjoyed my haul. Remember, I will be review all of these products over the next couple of months so please stay tuned. If you want something to be reviewed in the next week or two please let me know! I hope all of you had a wonderful, fun, joyful, exciting weekend. 



  1. OMG amazing haul, i want everything, especially all the NYX products :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. How much were the MAC lipsticks and blush on OzSale? I think I need to start subscribing to that site! Lol! Amazing haul, seems like you got your NYX fix for now :)

  3. amazinggg haul!
    you picked up some lovely products! xx

  4. oh my lordy!! so much eyecandy!

    Laura x


  5. Absolutely amazing amazing haul! Everything looks fabulous, great choices!


  6. ooh girl you got some amazing items!!! i so need to shop with you, i always fail on my spending bans, i too have poor self control but i would be broke too buying what all you did, fab post x


  7. Heaven...!!!! :))


  8. I am jealous, this is an awesome haul! I'm really interested to hear what you think of the Wet n Wild blushes :D

  9. So jealous awwwwws~ The topshop blush is in such a cute colour, i really need to invest into some of them soon eventhough i have no need for any more blushes because i already accumulated so many haha. MAC angel has always been on my wishlist but i keep on putting off purchasing it because its such a similar colour to my lips so i don't see a point in putting it on. i would love to try out the NYX products, but they are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK unfortunately so i need to buy them online. Thanks for sharing your amazing haul~ Enjoy your products hehe! xxx

  10. such an amazing haul. I want all of your picks! xx

  11. Amazing things you bought , I was truly enjoying while I looked at this pics :)

  12. Omg...Maybe a ban wasn't a good idea? hahaa I can't wait to see the reviews!

  13. i think you're a happy poor beauty blogger now :p

  14. I've always wanted MAC's Give me Sun!! Hope to see it on your blog soon xx

  15. oh woww you lucky girl haha :)x


  16. oh my god O_O i wish thats all mine xD

    visit my blog ^^

  17. Just wanted to say that the title and this entire haul is fantastic! Aren't spending bans the worst? Cause you know the second you're through with it you'll just buy everything that was on your list! Enjoy those products and never feel bad about posting these. Hauls are the best! :)


  18. Oh my gosh... This is an AMAZING haul! I'm so jealous! >u<

  19. holy. crap. "makeup haul"?? This is my makeup times four. But everything looks amazing! You must be the happiest person ever haha. Great post :)

  20. Amazing haul dear! :) I just recently bought some Jordana and Wet n' Wild blushes too ( i believe the same colors too).. hehehe


  21. Ahh just looking at your haul is seriously tempting me to buy some new makeup bits >< i recently bought dessert rose its so so pretty!

    great post hun :) xxx

  22. The NYX lip creams and the wet n wild palettes just made me drool all over the place! This haul is so yummy. :)

  23. That is quite some haul, well done! ;)



  24. Great haul! Really curious about topshop products too! xx

  25. What a huuuuge haul, I love seche vite top coat! xx

  26. OMG this is hugee!!! I love it xxx

  27. Wow, there's a lot of interresting things in this haul, I wish it was me who could spend that much on makeup xD Really want to try out the Face atelier foundation you mention, never heard about it before, but can't wait for the review o:

  28. holy WOW, what a massive haul!! make-up heaven =D i don't think i have the guts to purchase so much, i salute you for that! hehe :) i love EVERYTHING you got, we definitely have the same taste in make-up, especially with lip colours. i have a couple of the NYX products you got too, i love them alot and hopefully you'll like them too :)

  29. OMAYGWAD!!! that's a super HUGE haul!!! but great items, i'm loving the MAC hauls!! ^_~

  30. oh my goodness, it seems like you are celebrating christmas early this year! and i thought i was a bit crazy for purchasing a full set of nyx lipglosses (which i am still considering, but my self control is telling me to wait)

    well i do hope you are satisfied and overjoyed with your purchase :)

  31. wow what an amazing haul! Funny that you probably cancelled out your entire spending ban ahah.
    So funny that I'm waiting on some Jordana blushes that I ordered a couple of weeks ago because of laurenbeautyy too!
    You won't be disappointed with the nyx soft matte lip creams & I really want to try their black label lipsticks.
    Jealous you have topshop in sydney!

  32. Wowowowow! I envy you right now. I'm on a spending ban too right now. Would rush to my nearest MAC counter next week! :p :D I envy you right now for your droolworhty collection! You seem to have a whole pro MUA setup now!


  33. Ahhhhh, I'm welling up with jealousy! When Topshop first opened in Melbourne I also only left with their blush but in Neon Rose, just to commemorate my first (anticlimatic) trip there haha

  34. *faints*
    I'm so jealous, that is an amazing haul of stuff!
    I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to make a purchase off Beauty Joint!
    So many of the things you got are stuff I really want to try :D

    Too bad the "blue had me at hello" palette got a bit smashed :/

  35. Holy Moly, I am so jealous right now! :) What an amazing haul, have fun with it all! (Hey, that rhymes!)

  36. WOW!
    I can't believe my eyes! It's such a feast looking at this haul! Can't wait for the reviews! Definitely waiting for it!!

    The Misty Mom

  37. Wow that's a crazy haul! I knew I was bad but that's incredible! I also always worry when I do haul posts that people think I'm bragging whereas I love reading about other hauls (vicariously living through other beauty bloggers) and when I do mine, then I'm held accountable in doing the reviews on them!

  38. OMG! That's a lot! You bought a lot of things! :D and I mean a LOT. :)

  39. WOW !
    awesome buys dear ,
    i envy you .
    those are amazing products .

    followed your blog
    through gfc and bloglovin dear .

  40. DANG girl! That's a lot, I can't wait to see what you come up with.


  41. Can't wait for the reviews!
    There are lots of products that I want but I'm a bit hesitant.
    I love the NYX blushers and jumbo eye-pencils!


  42. I totally dropped my jaw when I saw how many your hauls are! Online shopping is addicting. With the products you got, you'll get your money's worth. Nyx is one that you'll always get good reviews at.

    I followed your blog dear! You may want to check out my blog too, and follow back as well? HUGS!

    ~ Sweetstrings

  43. Wow, that's definitely a lot ahaha the lipsticks look gorgeous!

  44. Ugh I just love reading/watching posts about hauls and seeing that I'm not the only one who has had their self-control fly right out the window once we see something we really want. Haha! Love this post!


  45. What an amazing haul, I really want to see a review on the soft matte lip creams. I've wanted to try them forever but I'm not sure, would love to see your opinion.

  46. OMG.
    *SOBS* I want more make-ups too !!!!!! >3<

  47. What a haul! You definitely don't sound like you are bragging, I love to see what other people get! Looking forward to your reviews on all of them :)

  48. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  49. jordana products are good at low prices but limited products are in pakistan....... good haul n collection:)

  50. Me too..
    Spending money for cosmetics :D

  51. part of me says wow thats a lot and the other part of me says that that is a good reason to be poor hehe :)

  52. Wow... Great haul... I want it all.. XD

  53. Oh my goodness! I love all the stuff you got! *_*


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