1 Sep 2012

Review + Swatches: Rimmel's Santa Rose Blush + Sugar Plum & 16 Kate Lipsticks

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night lovelies (depending on where you are, haha)! Can I just say, there have been so, so, so many sales going on at the moment, and because I have no self control, I have been blissfully spending. In my defence, I will be going on a make-up ban until IMATS Sydney 2012, which is on the 29th & 30th of September, so no more make-up for a month! Hopefully, I will be able to last the entire time without spending any money on make-up, wish me luck! Back to the review, I recently saw that Rimmel was on sale at Target and I had a few Rimmel products that were on my wishlist. So, I thought it was a good time to buy them - I picked up two lipsticks, one from their Kate Moss collection and one of their standard ones and I also a blush. 

These are the first Rimmel products I have purchased in a long time, I don't know why I haven't bought any in a while, I think it's because they haven't changed or added new products that have caught my eye. So, I always end up walking past the Rimmel stand when I go shopping or casually browsing. Getting off topic again, the two lipsticks I purchased were Sugar from their regular line and number 16 from their Kate Moss Collection. I have heard some wonderful reviews about the Kate Moss lippies, so I thought it was about time I jumped onto the bandwagon. Also, as I was already purchasing a lipstick from their Kate Moss collection, I thought I might as well compare it to one of their regular lipsticks. 

Starting off, can I just say these two shades are beautiful - especially sugar plum, I'm really loving purple toned lippies at the moment, I just can't get enough of them! First things I noticed about the lipsticks by Rimmel is that they have a slight scent to them. Being terrible at describing scents, I'm going to say that the smell reminds me of vanilla and jellybeans haha. Personally, I quite enjoy the scent as I love jellybeans and vanilla, but if you don't dig them you may find these lipsticks nauseating as the scent does linger on the lips for a couple of minutes. Packaging wise, I think both lipsticks look very elegant and sleek, especially the lid of the lipsticks as it is angled. I love that the lid also has the little Rimmel logo etched in as well. I do like the Kate Moss packaging a little more as I think the pink lettering really stands out from the black background.

Kate Moss Lipstick in 16 & Sugar Plum

For formulation, both lipsticks are extremely smooth and glide effortlessly onto the lips. Being a lip balm junkie, I always have to wear a lip balm underneath my lipsticks as it does help to keep my lips moisturised throughout the entire day and if I'm wearing lipstick. So, with a lip balm, I find both lipsticks were very moisturising. I wore 'Sugar Plum' all day at work (with a lip balm) and I found that my lips had not dried or formed unsightly cracks, which is an amazing result, as I have worn lipsticks with a lip balm and STILL had bad effects. I'm definitely pleased that Rimmel lipsticks are quite nourishing. Pigmentation wise, the colour is exceptional - the colour pay off is very true to the actual lipstick itself. Oh, I forgot to include that both lipsticks are Lasting Finish lipsticks which claim to be "fresh, only-just-applied looking colour and an intense finish which delivers up to 25% more colour impact. All this and it will last for up to eight hours.." which does explain the good results so far. Were these lipsticks as long-lasting as Rimmel claim them to be? Yes and no. Like with every other lipstick, the colour of the lipstick will eventually fade with food consumption. So, if you didn't eat/drink for 8 hours - this lipstick will definitely last on your lips throughout the whole duration haha. 

Santa Rose

Onto the Santa Rose Blush - I have heard many youtubers/bloggers rave on and on about this blush for the longest time, so it was obvious that I needed to try it! First off, can I just say this blush looks tiiiiiiiny. But after further inspection of the product amount, I discovered that there is actually 4g of product - which is actually not as bad as I thought (NARS standard blushes are 4.5g, ELF blushes are 4.75g). It just looks more tiny due to the minimalistic packaging. I actually quite like the packaging as it isn't chunky and doesn't use up unnecessary space - therefore very convenient for travelling! Also, I love that the logo is once again embossed into the blush as it makes the blush look a little more fancy. 

Although, Santa Rose looks a little dull when in the pan, it looks magnificent when swatched/applied. It definitely is the epitome of the kind of beauty products that look rather uninspiring in the pan but transform into a beauty once applied. Santa Rose has been compared to NARS Orgasm countless times and I can see why - It looks like a less intense version of Orgasm in my eyes. The colour is amazing and very wearable - I think it would look great with any look. Unfortunately, I haven't worn this blush all day as of yet, but I have worn it for a couple of hours and it looked exactly the same as to when I applied it. Which is a good sign that this blush is long-lasting. All in all, this is an amazing  blush and is an affordable alternative to Orgasm. I can see myself hitting pan on this product very soon as it truly is a beautiful shade and is just so easy to wear.

I am very happy with my Rimmel purchases, and I cannot wait until my spending ban is over so I can experiment with more Rimmel products. I highly recommend Rimmel cosmetics if you're looking for good quality products at an inexpensive price. I can't remember how much each individual product was, but I'm pretty sure I got all 3 products for less than $15 which is great! Please let me know if you're a Rimmel girl and what products you love!

Until next time, xo. 


  1. I really wanted to try out the Kate Moss lipsticks, 16 looks like a really pretty colour! Great review :)

  2. Rimmel do make some really lovely products. I have their blush in Autumn Catwalk and I love it. I haven't tried Santa Rose but it seems to be their most popular single blush shade. I'm sure it looks super pretty on your cheeks :) The lipsticks are excellent quality too!

  3. I really love the look of Santa Rose, it looks very light and soft - super pretty<3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella



  4. I really want to try Santa Rose! I have another blush from that line, but it really was not the blush for me. But, I think I would really like this blush! & the lipsticks are lovely(: xoxo

  5. I loove the lipsticks, I want one!



  6. Lovely review! I'd love to buy one of the Kate Moss lipsticks, but I was doubting because of the lasting power. Now that you have confirmed that it's quite good, I'll be buying one soon! :)


  7. Good luck with the makeup ban, I am banning myself until IMATS as well!


  8. I have 2 shades from Kate's collection for Rimmel and reviewed them on my blog. The blush is gorgeous


  9. The purple toned lipstick is gorgeous! :D

  10. These look like beautiful products. I too haven't picked up any Rimmel products in a while...maybe I need to! :)

  11. great colors :) I'm following you now :)


  12. Great post, i love Kate Moss lipsticks, i wrote a blog post about hte new ones out soon :)

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  13. Try smoked oyster blush from rimmel it's such a beautiful colour. I really want to get sugar plum such a beautiful colour.



  14. Amazing review! I really like the color of the blush! :D

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  15. gorgeous shades of Kate Moss lippies! i think we have similar taste when it comes to lipstick shades =D I've never tried Rimmel blushes but now i'm definitely gonna try them! great review hun. :) XO

  16. Thanks for sharing about the rimmel blush; I've always wanted to try Nars orgasm but never wanted to spurge on it. I might give it a try!

  17. Gorgeous lippie shades! Makeup bans on hard... good luck!!

    I hope you are well :D

    <3 Rubiiee

  18. I adore Rimmel's Glam Lash mascara, amazing wand and formulation- favourite mascara to date!

  19. I'm not much of a Rimmel girl, but after seeing this blogpost, I may have taken advantage of the sales at Priceline... Love it. I needed an everyday blush :)

  20. I think it was Temptalia that drew comparisons between Santa Rose and MAC Blushbaby- Blushbaby's at the top of my wishlist at the mo, but I just ordered a Laura Mercier blush so I might pick up Santa Rose instead since it's so amazing and what- like $10? I'm loving your blog at the moment! Love holidays for catching up on blogs. :) xx

  21. amazing review.. I love the lipstick..!!


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