24 Sep 2012

Review: Paul Penders cosmetics + Discount Code!

Todays review post features a company that I honestly have never heard of prior to trying their product - Paul Penders. However, I am quite pleased that I have now sampled a select few goodies. Before I get started on the review, for those who have been unaware of who Paul Penders is here's a little run down: 

"Paul is an active environmentalist and avid animal rights activist who incorporates his beliefs into his skincare and cosmetics. His philosophy of "no chemicals" and "no animal testing" started with shampoos and later on evolved into a bounty of new skincare products for people of all ages."

Also, all of Paul Penders products contain LevensEssentie Gold ®, which is a concentrated extract of 22 certified organic herbs founded by Paul's grandmother 100 or so years ago. This ingredient has said to be proven to provide a "healthy complexion" to users by "combating free radical damage". It also claims to counteract the early signs of ageing and able to sustain healthy skin by comprising of "extraordinary anti-aging ingredients" such as vitamins A, B, C and E.  

Now that we have all the nitty gritty background information out of the way, let’s get onto the review! I received 6 full sized cosmetic products from Paul Penders, which includes a foundation, a blusher, three mineral eyeshadows and a lipstick. First off, I would just like to declared how pleased I am to see a cosmetic company so passionate about non animal testing and environmental rights. I do admit that I have a little soft spot for companies who are caring about animals/the environment – but this is besides the point.

Described as:
"A natural, non-oily moisturizing emulsion with LevensESSENTIE Gold®. Contains 
mineral pigments that provide sheer, oil-free coverage. Helps soothe redness and cell damage for flawless-looking skin. Leaves a radiant finish that never looks shiny 
or heavy. Easily applied for an even gentle coverage without the usual "cake" makeup feel. Choose from 6 classic skin shades"

Moisture Foundation Blush in Sweet Amber

I was quite ecstatic when reading the description of this foundation. To me, an oily/combination skin individual, this foundation sounded as though it could be my holy grail foundation. Unfortunately, this was my least favourite product from the bunch. This is not to say, the product itself is terrible, it just wasn’t what I was expecting and I liked the other products I received better. Initially when applying this foundation for the first time I was overwhelmed by the smell of the product – I’m not quite good at explaining what products smell like, but to me it reminded me of clay/dough? Let’s just say quite an odd smell that I wasn’t fond of – however this is mainly due to all the organic ingredients included in the foundation and the smell does fade away with wear. Packaging wise, I love the fact that it's in a squeezy tube as it's easy, efficient and light weight to carry for travelling.

For coverage, I would say this was on the sheerer side but is buildable to become a medium coverage. It does even out my skin tone quite well, but does not hide my undereye circles or blemishes (which is a must for me!). The finish of the foundation did look a little greasy on my oily/combination skin which was a tad disappointing after reading the magnificent description about it. I haven't been able to wear this foundation for a long period of time (5 hours max.) and even then, I have had to powder my face 2-3 times, so it's quite obvious that it doesn't suit oily skin types. The texture/finish/coverage of the foundation did remind me of a few BB creams I’ve tried, but it is a lot more “moisturising” therefore gives the skin a more dewy effect.  So all in all, I would say this foundation is a big no-no for oily/combination skin users, but would be better suited for those with dry/normal skin types. So definitely give it a go if you’re looking for a light-medium coverage foundation that gives the skin a soft dewy finish.

Next up is the Mineral Foundation Blush, which claims to contain:
“..certified organic color pigments to help your natural skin tone shine 
through. Evens out skin texture and softens fine lines. 
Good flawless coverage naturally. Stays on all day long..”

Mineral Foundation Blush in Dazzling Rose

This blusher was the stand out product for me. I’m a masssssive fan of blushers, so for me to say that this blush is beautiful is quite a statement. The packaging of the blush is quite simple yet sleek. I love that the tub is translucent as you can see what shade of the product is inside which makes it quick and easy to find when putting on your make-up. The tub also doesn't feel flimsy at all, so you know you are able to bring it along when travelling and be assured that it won't break at any second. As it is a mineral/loose blusher it comes with a sifter. I’m quite keen on sifters, so I was happily surprised to find that the sifter is able to come off revealing the gorgeous powder underneath.

The texture of the blush is indescribably soft. You can tell that this blusher has been finely milled to provide users with simple application/blending needs. The staying power of this foundation is quite good as I am able to see the flush of colour on my cheeks after a long day – however the colour does fade (like with most other blushers). The pigmentation of the blush that I received was quite reasonable. The colour wasn't too vibrant and overpowering to the extent I had to be extremely careful to use a light hand, however I didn't need a significant amount of product to build up the colour. I find this blush (in shade Dazzling Rose) to be the perfect everyday blusher as it provides a gorgeous natural flush to the cheeks. There is a total of 5 different blusher shades  available, and I hope to try a few more as I do quite like these!

Natural Cream Lipstick 3.5g - AUD$26**

Now time for the Natural Cream Lipstick – okay so if you thought my love for blushers was a little unsteady, my lipstick obsession is worse haha. I love trying out new lipsticks and experimenting with colours that I wouldn’t usually wear on a day-to-day basis. These Natural Cream Lipsticks are described as:

A lovely variety of matte shades made withLevensESSENTIE Gold® and natural plant oils for extra moisture, without chemicals. Free from artificial colours and chemical dyes. Choose from classic rich colors. For added moisture and prolonged wear use Paul Penders Lip Gloss after application. Available in 8 delicious shades.”

Natural Cream Lipstick in Maple

LOVE the packaging of the lipsticks – it looks very elegant with the white and silver tube and the logo encompassed on it. The lipstick feels very sturdy and the lid has a great clasp which is an added bonus (I’ve unfortunately have had lipsticks with terrible lids which resulted in lipstick all over the inside of my bag and the contents in it, eep!).

For Formulation, it does feel quite creamy and slightly moisturizing when applied on the lips. However, I do notice that the lipstick tends to seep into the crevasses of my lips. This is a massive no-no for those like me who have dry-prone lips! However, it is easily fixed with a lip balm worn underneath or a lip gloss on top. Also, I find that this lipstick looks best when I’ve exfoliated my lips, therefore reducing the cracks and leaving my lips soft. The pigmentation of the lipstick is also quite good – one quick swipe over the lips adds a lovely splash of colour to the lips.

And lastly Paul Penders Natural Mineral Eyeshadows -

“Contains certified organic color pigments to help your natural skin tone shine through. Evens out skin texture and softens fine lines. Good flawless coverage naturally. Stays on all day long. WithLevensESSENTIE Gold® - 22 certified organic herbs and antioxidant vitamins - to nourish and protect your delicate skin.”

(L-R) Innocent Purple, Spring Glamour and Mocca Brown

I’ve recently been on quite a loose eyeshadow/pigment craze where I just can’t get enough of them and use them on a daily basis, so when I received these I was extremely excited to try. Luckily, these little pots of paradise did not disappoint! The mineral eyeshadows are packaged in the exact same (however smaller version) tub of the Mineral Foundation Blush, which I quite liked for translucent and lightweight tub. As well as the blusher, the mineral eyeshadows come with a sifter which can be removed.

The pigmentation of these shadows are quite remarkable – although all shades are fairly soft and subtle, the opacity of them when swatched are beautiful. The colour payoff is definitely a reason why I am quite fond of these shadows. These shades are certainly wearable on an everyday basis as they are quite subtle and brighten up a boring day-look. The texture of the shadows is amazingly soft and extremely fine milled making blending easy peasy. I also noticed that all the shades that I received were a tad shimmery and contained slight glitters which looks extremely lovely when contrasted when the subtle colour. And for wear time, these babies were able to last about 3-4 hours of my lids before creasing without primer, which is quite remarkable. Therefore, when using a primer these mineral shadows will be able to last for a longer amount of time.

Overall, I do find that Paul Penders is a great company that produces good quality cosmetics that are worth experimenting with. Although they are a little pricey, I feel as though you pretty much "get what you pay for" in terms of value and quality. For those of you who are interested in taking a look around their website I will leave a link for you here - they ship worldwide as well, yay! Also I'm happy to inform you that Paul Penders have informed me that they are offering a 20% discount code for their website as a launch to their Facebook page! As well as mystery box prizes valued up to AUD$100 to be given out every week! These AWESOME goodies are available from the 24th September until the 31st October so definitely take a look around the website and take advantage of the 20% off storewide!

Discount code: 820002
Flat rate shipping fee of AUD15 for orders below AUD$50.
Free shipping for orders AUD$50 and above.

I hope you enjoyed my (very long) review. Hope you girls had a joyful weekend and let me know what you think about these products! :) xo

**These products were sent to me for review purposes. I am not sponsored or affiliated with this company in any way possible. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. Never heard of this brand either, cute packaging :0

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. I absolutely love the packaging of their products, it's so simple yet elegant :)

  2. i've never heard of the brand but wow, the products look amazing! the shades are soooo gorgeous and the best part is the natural formulation. love it! xo

    1. Yes, I love the natural formulation of the products - it's definitely a bonus! :)

  3. The packaging made me think they were a skincare company!
    I've never heard of this brand until now. :)
    The blush and eyeshadow swatches look amazing!!

    1. They also produce skin care products as well! So that's probably why it kind of looks like skincare packaging! Haha

  4. haha omg i love how you opened up this review. when you mentioned the brand name i was like, oh yeah. what is that brand??? haha

    anyway, it looks like the moisture foundation is a very promising one. thanks for posting about this :D

    1. Haha thanks! I'm glad you liked my review :)

  5. Nice!
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  6. I have never heard of this brand but I love those shades of eye shadow - very spring!

    1. Haha, I strategically chose Spring time shades ;) The other eyeshadows available are also quite lovely :)


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