14 Aug 2012

Review + Swatches: Stila "In The Garden" Eyeshadow Palette

After being thoroughly impressed with Stila's "In The Light" Neutral eyeshadow palette (review here), and seeing there was a little sale on ASOS, I decided to pick up the "In The Garden" palette. As you can see, I have no self control what so ever, every time pay day comes around, my money magically disappears... but what can I say, I'M OBSESSED! Haha.

Much like my review on the 'In the Light' palette - my thoughts are exactly the same. The colours are amazingly pigmented and soft, which makes it extremely easy to apply and blend. The "In the Garden" palette has 10 botanical inspired shades to suit every skin tone and perfect for those lazy, crazy, hazy spring days.  This amazing palette also includes Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in 'Starfish' (which is a black with gold and green pearl shade), and an 8-page look book that details some how-to tips and tricks.

The 10 shades included in this palette are: (taken from the Stila website)
  • Chinois - matte creamy white
  • Breeze - shimmery beige
  • Bark - shimmery taupe
  • Freesia - shimmery violet blue
  • Rosette - metallic pink violet
  • Nectar - matte creamy beige
  • Honey - metallic bronze gold
  • Sage - shimmery translucent green
  • Moss - dark olive green with shimmer
  • Juniper - deep shimmery forest green

Words cannot describe how much I am in love with this palette - each eye shadow is amazingly formulated. They are very long-lasting, highly pigmented without having a heavyweight texture and can be worn wet or dry to create countless of different looks. All the shades in this palette are also quite dainty and soft - which is perfect for everyday use! The smudgestick in Starfish is a gorgeous colour, but I did find that it wasn't as pigmented as the smudgestick provided in the "In the Light" palette which is in the shade 'Damsel'. It is however, still an amazing colour, you just need apply it two or three times to make the colour more opaque. 

As much as I love the Stila "In the Light" palette, I think i may love this palette more. It's not a secret that I tend to wear neutrals more than any other eyeshadows, but I also like to shake it up a little with some colour - so this palette has best of both worlds. Also, in my other review about the "In the Light" palette, my only complaint was that the name of the eyeshadows were not displayed underneath them, instead they were only listed at the back. Luckily enough, the "In the Garden" palette does list the name underneath each eyeshadow, which is another reason why I like this palette more.

After trying out another gorgeous palette from Stila, I'm thinking of trying out the Stila "In the Moment" palette, haha! But I think I should stop spending for a while, seeing as I've been purchasing cosmetics more often than I should lately. If you're interested in picking up this beautiful palette, it is available from ASOS, BeautyBay, HqHair and possibly eBay. I bought mine from ASOS for $28 AUD, which is a little bit cheaper than what it originally is. Let me know what you lovelies think!



  1. WOW, those are beautiful colors!! i love the pigmentation, i'm definitely gonna get this palette! thanks so much for doing this post, great review hun :)


  2. I think I prefer the In The Light palette as I am not so good with colours.


  3. Ooh, I like this! The purple and orangey ones look nice xx

  4. This is very nice! I love stila, i actually just got the new Fall palette with solely matte shadows. I'm in love! Great review... following you. Please follow back? xoxo


  5. Looks very good and so pigmented. I bought me my first Stila Eyeshadow Saturday. I loved it so much and it was so pretty! I never thought i would spend that much money on a single eyeshadow lol

  6. OMG ! beautiful , really wanna have this.

    Dear i am following you, please follow me back!

  7. I love the colors in this palette! :) I should get one soon! :D


  8. oh wow! this palette is gorgeous!!

  9. It's a wonderful palette^^ I love the green shades for some reason (although I hardly ever wear green :p)
    Thanks for the review :) X

  10. Amazing collection of colours. Love the pigmentation! x

  11. this looks like such a great palette! I don't own much Stila, but this is totally something I would purchase :D

  12. I love Stila products! They have some amazing stuff. It wears so well.

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  13. Gorgeous colours! I love the smudge stick you get too :) I wish I could get my hands on Stilla easily! xx


  14. This has some gorgeous colors, especially the neutrals!


  15. Great post !

    Great review really like the colors :)

    If you have the time you are always welcome on my blog :)

    I just wanted to let you know I’ll be following you around from now


  16. lovely palette! xx


  17. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I keep walking past this palette at Sephora and debating. The blues/purples are sooo beautiful!

  18. The colours actually looks so much more tempting now that I've seen them swatched. I've been wanting to try a Stila palette for ages the only thing that's stopping me is the cardboard packaging, I love palettes to feel hardwearing and luxurious but I guess for £25 you can't have the Earth. Lovely post x


  19. oh i loveee stila! i just bought a bunch of new makeup today...haha it's urban decay, have you tried it? i tried it at ulta where i bought it, hopefully i like it, for the price, it better be worth it haha

  20. Lovely colors! Thanks for the swatches, they look beautiful =]!

    <3 Rubiiee

  21. I love the colors in this palette,lovely palette! I<3 This so much :D


  22. absolutely loving it..............awesome colors...thnks 4 d swatch

  23. I really love the bright blue color!! I wear a lot of blue eyeshadow .. The rest of the palette is lovely as well :D I might get it!

  24. I like the colors, and I usaually love natural tones ,but this blue and green are so deep and pretty, I like them too!

  25. love this much! eyeshadow pallete complete. awesome!

  26. Oh women :P.

    But stilla color looks so interesting to my pocket :D

    Author of DELLilah's Blog

  27. I was about to head out to get my hands on this palette (which I have been eyeing for ages and I still don't know why I am just about to get it now) and then I decided to check out blogs one more time and I found this post. This is making me much more excited than I already am! See ya! :)


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