16 Aug 2012

Review + Swatches: Models Prefer "Metal Mayhem" Cosmetics Book

On another recently trip to Priceline (I feel as though I spend half my leisure time in there!) I noticed that Models Prefer had created several "Cosmetic Book" products. Which pretty much includes all the products you would need to create whatever the Cosmetic Book is featuring. I haven't really explored and tested many Models Prefer products before, besides one of their eyeliners (which was quite good), so I thought it would be a nice "starter/intro" to their cosmetics range. Another plus is that it only retails for $10! Bargain!

There were a couple of different books that catch my attention, but ended up siding with the Metal Mayhem book as I love shimmery neutral shades. I also think this book was the best value for money as it includes 12 eyeshadows, an eye crayon, eyeliner, mascara and a duo applicator. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting the quality of the products inside to be amazing, as I have had a few bad experiences when trying out a few inexpensive brands. Thankfully, this wasn't as terrible as I expected. The packaging is quite lovely, the only fault I do have with it, is that it's very chunky and feels quite flimsy. The eyeshadows and other eye products are suspended in a plastic sheet that can easily fall out when the book is opened. Also, I find that the box is quite thick as there is so much unnecessary space. But it is supposed to resemble a book, so i guess it does have to be a little chunky. 

Inside the cover of the book, there are 3 main steps provided to achieve the perfect metal mayhem look. The pictures shown with the steps look gorgeous, but unfortunately the eyshadow shades provided in the book don't include purple, so I was a little disappointed. 

I did find the steps were very descriptive and easy to follow for girls who are still experimenting with eyeshadow or do not have much experience in wearing eyeshadow. It also helps to perfect the skills or techniques you already had prior to purchasing the book.

The Metal Mayhem cosmetic book has 12 eyeshadows, which is broken down into 4 different "metal" elements - Nickel, Copper, Platinum & Cobalt - with each one encompassing different colour schemes. This definitely helps to makes following the steps provided easier, and although they are separated into different groups, all the shades can be mixed together to create your own looks. 

I was quite impressed with both the eye crayon and the eyeliner pencil included in this book. The pigmentation was quite good, as well as the staying power. I really liked that both of these easily glide onto the eyelid & waterline with ease. The mascara on the other hand was disappointing. It didn't give my lashes any volume or length. I feel as though it only made my eyelashes more black - I am however impressed that it didn't smudge or give me panda eyes throughout the whole day! Next, onto the eyeshadow swatches:


As you can see from the photos, the eyeshadow swatches are beautiful. All the colours are highly pigmented, not chalky and effortlessly glide onto the skin. I was stunned how gorgeous the colours were. Unfortunately, when I did try these eyeshadows on my eyes (with primer) they were really muddy and the vibrancy of the colours were not as good as when I swatched them. There is also a lot of fall out when you apply these shadows.

 (L) Eye crayon (R) Eyeliner
Jet Black Mascara

Overall, I'm a little disappointed with this book. But having said that, I will give it another try and play around with the shadows again, there is still hope for this palette haha! If you are interested in giving this cosmetic book a try, you can head down to your nearest Priceline or I think you may be able to find it online as well. 

Have you tried any products that were quite disappointing? 



  1. This looks like such a fun palette! I love how it has a theme. Sucks that the eyeshadows weren't all that great :(


  2. Hm a shame that the eyeshadows didn't transfer well and the mascara didn't work well.
    I love the look of this though and might give it a go, probably just for the eyeliners! They look pretty good! For $10, that's pretty darn good! :)

  3. I was looking at there books a few times but couldnt decide what to try.. the swatches look good but shame they don't apply as nicely.. oh well for something so cheap I suppose it doesn't matter lol. thanks for the review!

  4. the eyeshadows swatches look gorgeous! so pigmented :O

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  5. Wow the copper swatches looks fab! but so sad that it's a little bit disappointing.


  6. the copper swatches look good! shame they dont transfer well :(
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  7. The eyeshadow colours are gorgeous, especially the cobalt shades! Too bad they didnt work well with primer.


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