7 Aug 2012

Review + Swatches: Bourjois Little Round Pots of Parisian Charm

Whilst browsing through Priceline during their most recent sale, I noticed this Bourjois eyeshadow value pack. What immediately drew me to this value pack was that I actually haven't tried these eyeshadows before, but I have heard many good things about them. And what a better time to buy these than during a sale!

This value pack contains three eyeshadows that all complement each other and helps to create a wearable smokey-eye look. The back of the pack details steps on how to create the lovely look in three simple moves. I did use this smokey-eye method and I thought that it was a great way to achieve a smokey-eye look. It's extremely quick and simple and can be used on an everyday basis. It definitely simplifies the way to achieve a beautiful smokey-eye look.  

The packaging of the individual eyeshadows are adorable. I love that the actual colour of the packaging matches with the eyeshadow shade that it holds. This makes looking for the right colour tremendously quick and easy. I have also seen the round pot eyeshadows with French inspired designs on them, which I absolutely love! Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of those in Australia though. 

The little eyeshadow pot also includes a mirror and a tiny curved sponge applicator that fits right in. Honestly, I don't know why Bourjois has added the little sponge applicator as I find it's so tiny that it's really uncomfortable to use. 

Now onto the actual eyeshadows. The value pack comes with three eyeshadows - a light (90), medium (08) and dark shade (74). I quite like the formulation of these eyeshadows, as they're very creamy and effortlessly glide onto the skin. I had assumed that the lightest shade (90) would be a little chalky and the colour would not appear on the skin. Fortunately, I was terribly wrong - all shades had amazing pigmentation and did not feel chalky at all. As I said before, I tried out the smokey-eye look using these shades and surprisingly they lasted for a good 6 hours before I removed them. I did find that both the light and medium shade were a little too shimmery for my liking. Also, I felt that they both did not complement my skin tone as much as other shades - I think these shades would suit more fairer skin tones. The darkest shade (74) however is a beautiful chocolate brown that definitely creates the perfect smokey look. 

This value pack is retailing for $25 AUD in all Priceline stores, however as I bought this during a sale, I received an extra 20% off - making this value pack only $20. I thought this was such great value as one round pot eyeshadow retails for $16 AUD. I encourage all of you to try out the Bourjois round pot eyeshadows if you're willing to fork out $16 a pop, as they truly are amazing.

What are your opinions on the Bourjois eyeshadows?



  1. Those eyeshadow pots look awesome! I love how each pot has its own mirror and how they include the instructions as well :)

  2. The pigmentation looks great!! :)
    I've heard so many good things abt Bourjois, but it's always been on the pricier side :/
    Thanks will check it out! btw have you heard about the $10 off Bourjois offer?

  3. love the look of these colours! x

  4. These look great, the sponge applicator is cute but I'll be using my own brushes anyways :)


  5. The medium shade looks so beautiful. I'll be keeping my eye out for this next time I'm in Priceline.

  6. I love the Bourjois round little pots! I've got the 08 and a few others and I love them so easy to use
    Daniella x


  7. I really like Bourjois eyeshadows, this is a lovely kit for a smokey eye


  8. These look great! I wish England had Bourjois sales haha xx


  9. I have the light shade and it's my favourite eyeshadow ever!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  10. These look amazing! I wish we had Bourjois in the US, I'm always impressed with the quality of their products.
    I'm following you now on gfc and bloglovin, please check out my blog in return if youd like :)


  11. I've never used Bourjois eyeshadows but these look awesome! I love the brown smoky eye look <3

    Ellen xx

  12. Haha the applicator is hilarious looking :P The colour pay off is excellent !


  13. Wow I've never tried Bourjois eyeshadows before. They're so pigmented! Awesome steal!


  14. I only have one Bourjois eyeshadow which is like a glittery steel grey/black. I think it's quite pretty for a night time smokey eye but I don't wear it much. That pack is a great deal though, and the colours look really wearable, even if the two lighter colours might be better suited for fairer complexions.

  15. They are so pigmented, I really love this brand !

  16. the pigment in these look fantastic. i keep seeing the little borjouis eyeshadows in priceline and they look so appealing. even better on sale! i want that light shade for my inner corners :D


  17. This is a very lovely kit, you are so lucky to have found it!

  18. Its great for creating a smokey look as I am a big fan of this style

  19. The pigmentation looks great! I like :)

  20. Love them!! When I'll go to London I think I'll buy a lot of Bourjois products!!


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