22 Aug 2012

Guest Post Review: ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder

Today, I have a guest post from the lovely Natalie, I hope you enjoy reading! If you're interested in writing a guest post as well, let me know! :)

I'm Natalie from Rave or Rant Cosmetic Reviews and I am so thrilled and thankful to guest post for the lovely Miss Dawn! She has been an absolute sweetheart to me and has been so very helpful and supportive! Thank you Dawn for all you have done :)

CLAIM: Light diffusing
TRUTH: The formula contains a hint of shimmer that brightens the under eye area and boldy reflects once under direct light.

CLAIM: Camouflages fine lines, dark circles, and imperfections
TRUTH: The powdery finish blurs all imperfections, creating a blurry, dim, and soft-focused look.

CLAIM: Perfect for on camera or everyday wear
TRUTH: The high content of silica found in the ingredient list will contribute to a white, ghostly cast on the skin when used with flash photography. Also, titanium dioxide, the number one ingredient in most sunscreens, is included, thus further encouraging a pale complexion.


CLAIM: Silky and velvety finish
TRUTH: The substantial amount of silicones creates a slick, slippery texture.


CLAIM: Ideal for wearing alone or setting in cream concealer
TRUTH: The micro particles powerfully absorb skin oils, acting as a sponge, and keep the eye area matte and dry regardless if the skin is bare of concealer or coated with coverage.

CLAIM: The Vitamin C & K infused formula helps to restore and strengthen skin for a revitalized appearance.
TRUTH: As this powder is not a potent, concentrated serum, the amount of Vitamin C and K is so faint, providing no visible positive effects or reversal actions on the skin.

Which of these claims have you debunked?


  1. interesting post! products claim to do how many things it cant be possible for it to live up to them all!

  2. hi dawn

    would you mind crediting my photos? these were posted and taken without my permission from my website musingsofamuse.com



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