12 Aug 2012

Goodies from Duty Free: Chanel, MAC, YSL & more

If you've been reading my posts from the past couple of weeks, you will remember that I had mentioned that I was going to be vacationing in Fiji! It's been a week since I've been back now but as soon I came back I had to start uni straight away, so I haven't been able to show you guys what I bought whilst in Duty Free. I was so, so, so excited that I got to go through Duty Free as I knew products would be tremendously cheaper than what it is in stores. I didn't buy as much as I thought I would, particularly because I didn't want to waste all my money before I went overseas haha. So here's what I bought:

Victoria's Secret body mist in Bombshell, two Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks in 39 Paradis
 & 25 Vendôme, a YSL Rouge Volupté 30 Pêche Faubourg, MAC SuperNova blush and Pure Fiji body butter in Starfruit. 

Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell' Body Mist

First off, I headed into the Victoria's Secret store and instantly fell in love with their Bombshell body mist. The sales assistant told me it's their newest body mist as it was released at the beginning of the summer in the U.S. I'm not quite sure if this is correct information - but it definitely made to be worn in the summer. It's very light and fruity, and perfect when you don't want to wear something too heavy or overpowering. On the VS website it's described as "a glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la yellow peony and vanilla orchid." As it is a body mist, the scent does fade away after a couple of hours, but I absolutely love the smell, so I don't mind reapplying. Also, the bottle is gorgeous! I'm not a very big pink fan, but I just love how this bottle looks - it's very fun, girly and stylish (I love how the bottle subtly fades into pink!). I can't remember how much I bought this for, but on the VS website it retails for $25.   

 MAC Supernova blush

And of course, I had to browse through the MAC counter while I was in Duty Free and I was so excited to see they had the new MAC Heavenly Creatures collection! I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I saw the collection - and without hesitation I snatched up the Supernova Mineralize Blush. First off, I have to say that this blush is gorgeoussssss! The colour when swatched/applied is indescribably beautiful. The formulation of the blush is very pigmented and as it is a fairly deep shade, you have to apply it with a light hand, or you can quickly go overboard with it. Especially if you have a light to medium skin tone! There's nothing wrong with using a light hand with blushes - I feel as though if you're using a lighter hand then you're using less product, therefore the blush will last longer (or maybe I'm just over thinking things :/).

 MAC Supernova blush

Anyways, Supernova is described on the MAC website as a magenta and burnished gold melange - this is a pot on description as you can see Supernova is a magenta base, intertwined with a swirl of gold-bronze. When combining both shades together it's obvious that the gorgeous pink/magenta colour dominates. However, it's noticeable that the golden brown has toned down the shade and adds a lovely warmth to the colour. I find it extremely easy to blend out and extremely smooth when applied. Definitely a winner in my books. This blush retails for $43 at regular MAC counters in Australia, but I purchased this for approx $27 at Duty Free, so a very big difference there! I'm kind of guttered that I didn't purchase more from the Heavenly Creatures collection as I love the look of the Mineralise Skin Finish in Light Year!

(L-R) YSL Rouge Volupté 30 Pêche Faubourg, Chanel Rouge Coco 39 Paradis
 & 25 Vendôme

Now onto the lipsticks, I have been wanting the YSL Rouge Volupté and the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks for the longest time but I have never been able to justify splurging $50 for a lipstick. I did splurge once for a lipstick, which is my Dior Addict 249 Diorissme, but I haven't been able to part with my money recently haha! Excitingly enough, both the YSL and Chanel lippies were only $35 at Duty Free, so obviously I just had to buy them! $35 for a lipstick is still quite expensive, but when comparing it to $50+, it's definitely a bargain. I did want to grab a few more the YSL rouge Volupté lipsticks, just because the packaging is unexplainably gorgeous, but I settled for 1, as I said before, I didn't want to spend all my money before I even got onto the plane haha.

(T-B) 25 Vendôme, 39 Paradis & 30 Pêche Faubourg

These lipsticks are amazing - the formulation/texture, the pigmentation, the staying power etc of these lipsticks are amazing. They're so soft and creamy and definitely live up to the hype. All three lipsticks effortlessly glide onto the lips to give them a beautiful satin finish to complete any look. I do find that the Rouge Coco's do feel more hydrating on the lips than the Rouge Volupté, but I do love all three shades. If you are thinking about treating yourself to a few high end products, I do recommend trying out these two lipstick collections. There are an amazing assortment of shades to choose from and you definitely won't be disappointed!

 Pure Fiji Body Butter in Starfruit

Lastly, the Pure Fiji body butter in Starfruit which I didn't buy at Duty Free but when I was out and about in one of Fiji's main city's, Suva. I have heard countless good things about the products from Pure Fiji and I also received a little sample of one of their body butters from a BellaBox a few months ago. So I was excited to purchase a large tub! There are quite a few difference scents to choose from, I ended up deciding on Starfruit which is a fruity smell. I'm terrible at describing scents, but all I can say is that it smells  lovely. The body butter is very thick and creamy, and super hydrating! I can honestly say, It's one of the most hydrating moisturisers/body butters I have tried and definitely one of the best smelling. This body butter was retailing for $28.75 Fijian dollars, so approximately $17 in AUD, which I think is very reasonably priced. 

So those are all the products I purchased whilst travelling overseas. I'm extremely glad that I did buy them as they are truly amazing and so cheap compared to in stores! Have you tried any of these products before, if so, please let me know what you think of them! Hope you dolls are enjoying your weekend!



  1. Great purchases :) I love Chanel lipsticks, they last for ages! Totally regret only buying one at the Duty Free in Thailand where they were only $27 each. Hope you had an awesome time in Fiji! x

  2. Rouge volupte lipsticks are by far my favourite fomulation ever so far! I have yet to try any lipsticks from Chanel but I am sure they are amazing as well!

    xo Courtney from StrawberreeSwing.com

  3. Really great beauty haul! I love YSL Rouge Voluptes too.. I think I'd buy them for the packaging alone! :)

  4. The lipstick colours look amazing! The body butter looks so good too...


  5. i love all your purchases! :) lipsticks are gorgeous shades and the MAC Supernova blush is to die for :) Can't wait to go overseas to get those, it's way too expensive where i live. xx

  6. Lovely purchases, particularly the YSL lipstick. I'm loving their glossy stains just now, just reviewed them on my blog :)

    Holly's Beauty Review

  7. Such an awesome haul! I love that shade of YSL, will be putting that on my duty free wishlist to give to my parents :)

  8. Duty free shopping is totally the domain of a beauty addict :p I've always wanted a YSL lipstick to carry in my handbag - the packaging itself is enough to lure me. But the price is ridiculous :( But $35, while still expensive, is much better than the RRP here.

  9. aah that mac blush looks wonderful! and those lipsticks are to die for! my own favorite lipstick atm is from ysl in baby pink shade <3


  10. Wow nice haul! the body mist description sounds really nice smelling lol i love the packaging too. those chanel & ysl lipsticks look really pigmented - love that! gonna have to try it one day when i save up more money haha

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  11. UUh jealous, that's some really fancy haul :) I love buying chanel every time I can, and that only happens when i travel :(

    enjoy your holidays :)


  12. Nice buys!


  13. wow awesome buys! love how luxurious the packaging of ysl rouge volupte's are! i have the no.1 and i love the colour soo much although it's not very long lasting! they are extremely creamy and moisturising though!

    Laura x


  14. Oh! I want these lipstick! Dark from Chanel is the best!
    Woul you like follow each other? :)


  15. very expensive lipsticks! but YSL Pêche Faubourg looks sooo pretty <3 ahh cant help!

  16. MAC's blush looks amazing! I love Chanel lipsticks as well xx

    new giveaway!

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  18. Amazing ones! I really like your blog, just followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?


  19. I love your purchases! Plus I am INSANELY jealous that you went to Fiji! I hope you had an amazing time :) x


  20. Love that Mac supernova blush, great post. Very jealous you've been to Fiji!
    Daniella x


  21. great lipstick choices and you're right, they are very well pigmented! amazing!


  22. I absolutely LOVE the YSL lip color! I'd love to see how the color transfers on to the lips! I'd love it if you want to follow my blog, then we can share beauty insights! :)!

    love, Jenny

  23. I have the VS Bombshell in summer edition too! I love the smell!! <3


  24. wow! you really have these! quite expensive though... hehe! great make up collection :-)
    follow each?


  25. Another one of my fav mac blushers this one I'm tryin nt to use as much cos ther ltd edition I think =[ u hav a brill choise in colours love it x

  26. I LOVE the Chanel Rouge Coco 39 Paradis. it's such a pretty pink, i wish i would go buy it right now, although it's kind of expensive :(

  27. duty free is the best! Your lipsticks are just perfect!xx

  28. Awesome haul! I would love to try the Victoria's body mist, sounds great!

  29. Your lipsticks are perfect! I like!

  30. The supernova blush looks amazing. What a luxurious collection, so jealous :)

    One day haha.... I also really like the lipsticks. Very nice colors!

  31. The body mist is a must have for me! I love it too!
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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