27 Aug 2012

Bella Box August 2012 Edition

Another BellaBox review for you today dolls! If you're not from Australia or if you haven't heard of BellaBox before, they are an Australian beauty subscription box that is available for $15 per month. I was quite surprised at how heavy this month's BellaBox was and I was really excited to find out why!

This month, BellaBox has decided to 'go green', and provide their subbies with a box full of natural beauty, skincare and lifestyle products. I quite enjoy using eco-friendly and natural products, so I was excited to see which products they had included. 

1. Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish - $24.95
2. Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - 225g $29.95
3. Aveeno Dail Moisturising Lotion - 354ml $12.99
4. Phytocare Daily C - 30 satchets $17.80
5. Emerginc Phytocell Detox Mask - 50ml $70
6. Be In Awe Skincare - $69
7. Wot Not Facial Wipes - $7.95
8. USPA Wheatgrass Solar Energy Leave-in Serum - $32
9. Bonus product: You, Me & Everybody Bodhi Me Hand Wash - $5.99

As you can tell, there were so many products jam packed into this tiny little box - no wonder why I thought it was so heavy when I first got it! Without a doubt, BellaBox always continues to impress me - throughout the last 4 months of subscribing to them, I have always liked what products they have provided. Definitely my favourite Australian subscription box at the moment. 

I'm SUPER excited to try all these products, especially the Lush argan body conditioner! There are a few brands in this month's box that I haven't heard of/tried before, so it's also excited to try those out. I was a little disappointed with the Luk Beautifood lip nourish as I'm not a big fan of brown lip shades, I'm more of a pink girl. But I'm still excited to give it a go!

Do you like subscription boxes? :)



  1. Wow, so many products this makes me want to ditch my Lust Have It and try out Bellabox!

  2. I think I'd be most excited about the LUSH as well :) I've been curious to try the Aveeno moisturiser too!

  3. Wow, I really wish we had this in the UK :( Lovely post though :)



  4. i'm in love with this!

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  5. Lush in a beauty box!? Amazing!


  6. Wow, you get so many more products than in the beauty boxes in the UK! Looks fab :) xx

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  7. Thanks for your lovely comment on my page Dawn :) Really love your blog!
    We've got the Bellabox subscription here in Singapore (did some reviews here http://diamondinrouge.blogspot.sg/search/label/Bellabox ) but they were never as generous as what you got! Am really impressed :D

  8. oh wow, so many awesome goodies! :) i really wish they have these types of monthly subscription here in NZ, sucks that they don't care much about cosmetics. urgh =/ the Lush product look amazing by the way! such an impressive box :)

  9. Amazing box!! Wish we had the option of something like this in NZ!

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  11. I just discovered ur blog, love all the products on it.

    i'll start following u.

    kiss from Mexico,


  12. I'm so jealous. BellaBox seems so much better than anything you can get in America.

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  13. Wow :) I love organic products! :)

  14. You are so lucky to have these beautiful BOXES there! Here in Italy we have 3 kind of "beauty baxes" but they doesn't give such great products! ;-)

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