24 Jul 2012

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Demure, Primrose & Coralberry

If you dolls could't tell already, I have a big obsession with lip products - especially lipsticks. No matter how many I have already, I continue to buy more whilst telling myself I will be able to use all up of them. Definitely a hazard for my wallet, but I just can't help myself when they look this good. A couple of weeks ago I purchased 3 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks from eBay for just $21 AUD! Usually in stores, one Revlon lipstick would cost approximately $21.95 - so this is definitely a steal.

 (L-R Primrose, Demure & Coral Berry) 

The three lipsticks I purchased were Primrose, Demure and Coral Berry. They are all very different shades but all look fabulous when applied. Like always Revlon Lipsticks are amazing quality - extremely pigmented, long lasting and slightly moisturising - and these are no exception. Although they are slightly moisturising, I still like use a lip balm underneath the lipstick just to add some more moisture as my lips tend to be on the dry side. The formula for the Super Lustrous lipsticks however are very creamy and it smoothly glides onto the lips when applied. The packaging is gorgeous and chic and the see-through top is very convenient when in a rush to look for the right lipstick.

(Primrose, Demure & Coral Berry)

  • Primrose is a lovely purple toned pink that looks amazing when paired with either a smokey eye or a fresh face.
  • Demure is described as a pink peachy colour. For me, this lipstick looks very similar to my natural lip colour, so it just enhances my lips and makes it look more full. 
  • Coral Berry is a really gorgeous coral shade that I think leans more on the pink side and would work well on pretty much any skin tone.
I think my favourite out of the three is definitely Primrose as I love, love, love pink lippies, so Primrose is right up my alley. However, the other two are just as beautiful! These are definitely a winner in my books and I do recommend you guys to try them out if you haven't already.

Have you dolls tried any of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks before? Which is your favourite? :)



  1. I love my Super Lustrous Lipstick! I have Demure too and it's literally exactly like my lip color so it doesn't do much for me. I want to try Primrose next xoxo

  2. These are beautiful colors! I love revlon lipsticks. The only downside is that some of them have a really weird smell :(

  3. Hooray for bargain shopping! Hope to see a pic soon with you wearing one of these lovely shades! [;

  4. I haven't tried that lipstick before but that Coral Berry one is really pretty!

  5. primrose is possibly my favourite pink lippy!

    Laura x


  6. I definitely aave to try these lipstick, that's it xx


  7. I love all these shades, they look so pretty, I think the Coralberry's my favourite :)
    Daniella x


  8. Love these shades! my favorite shade is Coral Berry ^_^


  9. these shades are so so gorgeous *_*


  10. These shades are lovely! I especially love the coral berry :)


  11. Looooveee Revlon lipsticks. I adore Primrose, it is literally one of my favourite lipsticks :) Beautiful choices, love all the colours and have definitely contemplated picking up the other two. Except like you, I have a lip product obsession and way too many lipsticks already :p

  12. I love all three of these colours, they are lovely.



  13. I haven't tried these, but all three look gorgeous! Coral berry looks like it would be my favourite :)

  14. I need primrose in my life! x

  15. when I first read it I thought it said $21 each so to think of saving .95c LOL :P
    But that's a great bargain for all 3, and the colours are soo pretty. Great choice!

  16. These lipsticks look gorgeous, great bargain too!xx

  17. I love the colours of these lipsticks :) xx


  18. Primrose is one of my fave pink lipsticks :) such an amazing color!

    hope you have a fab day hun ~ xx

  19. Primrose and Demure are my faves!:)

  20. love the coral berry shade - i think im getting slightly addicted to any type of coraly shade of lippy - not too good for my bank balance :( but ahh well!

    lucy xx

  21. The primrose shade looks awesome.....wud love to try these out sometime...Rite now im using MAC brick-O-la...itz great too....


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