6 Jul 2012

E.L.F Haul!

Hey dolls, so recently E.L.F Australia was having a 30% off end of financial year sale on their website. I thought it would be a wonderful time to get my hands on some of the E.L.F products I've been eyeing out for a while now. I won't go into too much detail in this post as you girlies all know what to expect from E.L.F products, so let's get straight into what I bought!

First, I purchased two blushers and a concealer palette. I'm quite impressed with the blushers by E.L.F, I think I may need to purchase more!

I already have the Tickled Pink blusher, but I accidentally bought another one! I thought I bought Candid Coral, but I must have clicked the wrong shade and forgot to check what I have selected when I checked out! Such a shame. Oh well, there's always next time haha.

 (L-R) Pink Passion & Tickled Pink

 Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium

 (L-R) Pink Passion, Tickled Pink & Concealer Palette

I'm extremely sorry for the terrible swatches! The lighting was horrible!

 I also purchased a Beauty-on-the-go Palette in Spotted and Sporty. I absolutely love the shades available in this palette, however the only downside is that the packaging is so so cheap. It is literally just plastic. No wonder E.L.F designed an actual storage case for the beauty-on-the-go palettes, because they're so flimsy! 

 I didn't get a chance to swatch the two lip colours or the blusher unfortunately. But I can tell you they're lovely :)

 And lastly, I bought a lipstick, eyelid primer and the brightening eyeliner.

(L-R) Voodoo, eyelid primer in Sheer & eyeliner in Midnight

I think it's such a shame that the Australian E.L.F website doesn't supply half of the products available as the U.S website. I would love to try the other eyeshadow palettes that have 100 eyeshadows. Also, the price different is unbelievable! The Beauty-on-the-go palettes from the U.S website retail for $3.00, on the Australian website it's $9.99. More than triple the price. But as you know, almost everything is much more expensive in Australia than other countries when concerning make-up. 

Have any of you lovelies bought anything from E.L.F lately? Please let me know, I'm thinking of purchasing more! Don't forget to enter my giveaway as well! ONE MORE DAY until it closes!



  1. Great haul! I really want to try Pink Passion! And their concealer palette because I'm a total concealer junkie :D xoxo

  2. Both of the blushes look beautiful! Pink Passion especially looks really fun :)

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  4. E.L.F. cosmetics are so much more expensive in Australia than the U.S. :( That's always put me off from purchasing. The blushes look more expensive than they are! xx

  5. really like the palette - it has great shades for summer!

    pity about the packaging!


  6. i love elf! i have pink passion and they are amazing :)

  7. I have the Candid Coral and Tickled Pink blushes and they are lovely. I'm incredibly disappointed with the two concealer palettes I have also as I find they don't have much coverage. I thought I'd get two different palettes (so 8 concealers) for my pro makeup kit but it just isn't happening for me! I got 3 ELF Beauty Books shipped over from the States of which the Neutral Eyes Palette is the best. Really great shades. Look into that :)

  8. Elf products look so great! How would you rate the eyelid primer? (:

  9. I love elf the lipsticks I have 5 of them and love them all

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    I love your blog <3
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    Love, Anne

  11. Awesome Haul!
    That lipstick look really nice <3
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  12. lovely haul! I really want to try out ELF but the Australia stock isn't that great.

  13. I really need to get some ELF products! the palette looks cute :) x


  14. Great haul!! I've never tried elf before. xxx

  15. I really want to try ELF stuff but I hate having to order online without trying anything first! Those blush colours look lovely though.

  16. I really want to try E.L.F, shame they don't have a 30% off sale here in the Uk!
    Daniella x


  17. i love elf!! some of their products are awesome! some are not that great lol! brushes are amazing!

  18. The blushes look lovely :) xx


  19. damn..I missed out on the Elf sale! could've gotten my hands on some much needed brushes haha. the colours in the Spotted and Sporty palette are so pretty! :)


  20. Great haul!
    I have tickled pink and I do love it :) I used to use it on the daily!


  21. Awesome haul! I so love the blushes!
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  22. They all look pretty cool. ELF seriously has some good stuff!

  23. Great Haul, i love elf! I have tickled pink too, but candid coral def tops it!

  24. love the products that you picked up :)
    wish elf was much easier to get hold of :( xo

  25. I love elf products! Great haul! :D



  26. the products look great, wish we had elf in australia!

  27. UGH at the price difference I absolutely hate australian taxes! You've got some great finds there, i have the fuschia fusion blush but wonder if I should have gotten pink passion instead... oh well, it's still nice lol. If there were only 1 or 2 things I wanted I would buy from ebay. I absolutely love the flat top brush!

  28. Great haul! Thats unfortunate that the price difference is so drastic :/

    I haven't tried their blushes yet, but I saw a review on their new baked blushes so I want to try those soon.

  29. That concealer palette looks nifty! I want to try it!

  30. How do you like the Sheer eyelid primer. I'm thinking about getting it, but I don't know about the quality. What do you think? Also, have you tried the primer in Champagne? I'm also interested in that?

  31. I love their bronzer in cool! Great for contouring, and one of the shades makes a good blush for my skin tone.


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