22 Jul 2012

Bellabox July 2012

It's that time of the month where my Bellabox arrives on my doorstep! Again, Bellabox has provided another lovely box, full of products I would enjoy using and testing out. This is my third Bellabox and it has still yet to disappoint me, it is definitely one of my favourite subscription beauty boxes. 

As you can tell from the photo above I did receive quite a few products this month (most of them full size as well!). I'm definitely very happy with the products this month, there is a lovely mixture of skin care and body lotion, as well as make-up and nail polish. 

 (Click to enlarge)

As always, Bellabox provides a little note to their subbies describing what the box was designed to achieve and why they included each product in the box. This month's Bellabox is said to be the "Essential Beauty Buys" box - which contains various beauty basics that are the building blocks to create beautiful looks. 

Surprisingly, the Bellabox products did not come in the usually brown box, but instead a cute sky blue pouch - which is another plus as you can never have too many travel bags, haha! The pouch is on the smaller side, only the smaller items in this month's Bellabox were able to fit into it. The larger, full sized products were separately packaged. 

Bourjois Smokey Eye Effect Pencil in 72 Dark Purple

One of my favourite products to try out this month is the Bourjois Smokey Effect eye pencil in 72 Dark Purple. It is said to be "soft and easy to blend" and smudges perfectly to add an intense effect to a smokey eye look. This eye pencil retails approx $20 AUD in store such as Priceline, Big W, Target etc.

Other products in this month Bellabox includes:

You, Me & Everybody - Shady Lady Daily Face Milk (RRP $9.99 75mL)
"A rich moisturiser that contains broad spectrum protection sunscreen." This product is supposed to help reduce the risk of skin cancers and aids in the prevention of premature ageing that results from daily sun exposure. I'm quite excited to try this product as I'm travelling in Fiji for a week this coming Monday. So this daily face milk will definitely be useful to me when I'm in Fiji and constantly in the sun!

Carmex - Moisturising Lip Balm (RRP $5.99 10g)
As you all know, Carmex is known to provide amazing lip care products, so it's no surprise that I'm glad Bellabox has included this in this months box. Also, I recently lost my Carmex moisture plus  SPF 15 Hydrating Lip Balm in Sheer Pink - so this is a great substitute. 

Neutrogena - Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser (RRP $13.99 175g)
This cleanser is described to be a foaming cleanser "which deeply cleans pores to awaken the skin and senses". I have heard quite a few raves about this cleanser but I never gotten around to trying it out. So I'm glad I received this product in this month's Bellabox. I also received the Neutrogena Deep Clean facial scrub which obvious removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Mode - Glitter Nail Enamel (RRP $2.45 75ml)
I can't wait to try this fun purple glitter polish to add some sparkle to my nails!

Almay - Get Up and Grow Mascara (RRP $19.99)
This Mascara claims to be an anti-breakage pro-vitamin formula defends against lash damage, helping them grow to their longest potential. Also, because of the gentle formula it's safe on sensitive eyes. I haven't tried any of Almay products before, I always walk past the Almay stand when browsing through Priceline. Hopefully this mascara will change that and help me to see that Almay is worth giving a shot.

The Body Shop - Chocomania Body Butter (RRP $29.95 200mL)
This body butter smells absolutely amazing. I have tried this before and I'm so, so, so happy that I have two satchels of it! It seriously smells delicious!

Givenchy - Pi Neo (RRP $80 50mL) [For men]
Can't wait to let Michael, my boyfriend, to try this fragrance. I haven't tested it before, so it will definitely be interesting to see what it smells like!

All in all, I wonderful box that's full of lovely products to try! Have any of you lovelies tried any of these products before, if so what did you think of them? Hope you dolls have a wonderful weekend! :)



  1. That blue pouch is super cute. :) I'm not apart of any beauty box subscription service but this one seems to be great value for money. There's quite a few products in there that I've used already! xx

  2. pretty nice, instead of it came with a box, it came out with a pouch bag. reminds me og the monthly bag from Michelle Phan.

  3. How much is the subscription? is it monthly or yearly? I love the sky blue pouch and it's great they give some products full size!

    Laura x


  4. This bellabox is awesome! you get a lot of stuff! lucky! I've never heard about this box but I'm gonna definitely search on the internet to learn more!! thanks for sharing xx


  5. I'm not a fan of the basics I think it's a bit a tacky in my opinion. I didn't like what Bellabox offered. I'm subbed to Lust Have It. I think Lust Have It had the pouches first then now Bellabox intro'd them. I think they got the idea from the MyGlam ones!

  6. I wish they shipped to the UK. Too Bad. Much love xxx


  7. The Bellabox looks lovely wish we got them in the UK! Love the bags you get, and so many products!
    Daniella x


  8. awww love that blue bag ,so cute !!
    now followin u,i will be happy if u visit back

  9. oh it's so cute that it came with a little bag instead of a box! they should do that in the Netherlands as well haha:-)

  10. Cute bag! I nominated you for an award on my blog! Check out my post for details.


  11. Great items!

  12. I got the notification by email that my bellabox has been sent in the post but still waiting for it. EEEE can't wait any longer!!


  13. Wow you get so many more products than the beauty boxes in the UK. Looks good :) xx


  14. I didn't know BelleBox existed! I'm so happy you posted this! Great products:)


  15. I've never heard of Bella Box but it looks awesome!



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  16. nice!

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    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx


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