14 May 2012

My current favourite lipsticks

To start off, I'm just going to let you guys know that I'm a very big lipstick lover, I would wear a different shade every day if I could. I just can't get enough of them! But recently I've been reaching for four specific lipsticks:

(L-R) Dior Addict 249 Diorissime, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 38
Revlon Lip Butter 095 Creme Brûlée & Nars Pure Matte Lipstick Bangkok 

As you can tell from the photo, I love my pink lipsticks! I feel as though they suit my skin tone the best and therefore I feel the most confident when wearing them. In saying this, I do like to switch it up and wear a nice nude shade or when I'm feeling a bit wild I'll break out my red lippies (I like my Revlon Lip Butter 035 Candy Apple & Revlon Super Lustrous 006 Really Red). All these lipsticks are beautiful and very moisturising for my lips. Although, I do admit, some of my Make Up For Ever lipsticks and my Nars Bangkok lipstick are a bit more on the dry side, so I always have to keep a lip balm handy when using them. So here's what they look like when swatched:

(T-B) Creme Brûlée, Bangkok, 38 &Diorissime
(No flash)

I do find Diorissime to be a little sheer, but it looks so beautiful on especially with that slight shimmer. I think if I was looking for the perfect everyday shade for my lips I would choose the Nars' Bangkok because it's a lovely subtle colour and it is matte. I'm looking forward to expanding my lipstick collection in the next few weeks, even though I shouldn't! I just can't help it haha! What are your current favourite lippies? 



  1. oooh loving all the pinks x

  2. I always swatch Diorissime when I'm at Sephora and have the thought of buying it, but I have a hard time pulling the trigger on getting a lipstick over $30...unless dreaming about it keeps me up at night!

    On that note, my favorite lipsticks are YSL Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose (I definitely couldn't get it out of my head for a good month before I bought it!!) and MAC Blossom Culture <3

    I love pink lippies too!

    xo Courtney from Strawberree Swing

  3. I love your lispticks! <3 hehe I still need to try the Dior Addict line tho.. :)



  4. Such pretty colours. The shades are right up my alley!
    My current favourite lippies are definitely the Revlon lip butters!

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  6. i love lip butters! the colors you have are great :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, I am your newest follower:) Would love if you followed back!

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  9. Love a good pink lip. Will definitely have to try some of these out!


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  11. I absolutely love the colour of NARS bangkok!


  12. The Dior lippy looks gorgeous! x

  13. I think I'm going to have to start trying some other brands besides my normal now! I really want to try the Nars actually, even if it is a bit on the dry side. I use their glosses (which are also a bit dry to glosses) and love the colors!


  14. the Make up forever lipstick is such a pretty colour! :)

  15. The second from the bottom is very beautiful!

  16. Diorissime is my favourite that you have swatched! :)
    Lovely blog!

    Amy x

  17. I really like the look of the NARS lipstick. It looks really think though. Do you think it's worth the money?

  18. whoaaa.. I love all the colour.. XD

  19. I love the colour of NARS bangkok!


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