8 May 2012

Cute storage boxes!

Today I found these amazingly adorable storage boxes today, and I just couldn't resist but buy them! Yes I know, I broke my no spending rule, but these are waaaaaayyyyyyy too cute to pass up! Here's what the different colours/patterns look like:

Because I couldn't decide which one I wanted, I purchased all three, which is better for me because now I have heaps more space in my drawer. The only down side to these cuties is that they are a little smaller than I initially thought, so I do have to squeeze my lipsticks in here. But other than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Besides, these are only temporary until I move into my new room, which is twice the size of my room now. So I'm quite excited! I also thought these would be a lovely splash of colour into my room at the moment as it is quite black & white, especially the storage set in the middle. I ended up mixing the boxes around to give it a bit unique look and this is what I ended up with: 

So as you can see, I just added some jewellery in the boxes on the right hand side and then some make-up on the left. All my other make-up I put in my drawer underneath where those boxes are now. So it's still quite convenient. I purchase these from Typo $14.95 each, which is quite cheap! You can either buy these in store or online, I'm pretty sure they ship internationally.

Hope you guys are having a amazing week! xo


  1. Ohhh! These are so pretty! Great storage! :)

  2. i am always looking for stuff like this!
    great post :-)


  3. Those boxes look so convenient too bad we don't have that store in Canada. ;( thank you so much for sharing!

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  5. These Storage Boxes are totally a MUST HAVE!

    Colorful and very pleasing to look at. Creatively made!

    Hope it is also available in the Philippines:(

  6. I love the one on the far right! Cute. x

  7. great idea for my messy stuff at my room :).

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