3 May 2012

April Glossy Box

So yesterday morning I received my April Glossy Box (Last Glossy Box ever as they're joining forces with Lust Have It). I think there was a delay in shipping the boxes this month, I would usually receive mine mid-way during the month. I got this one at the beginning of May!

The products I received this month included a $25 gift card to The Iconic website (which has becoming quite popular within the last month or two), a special offer at Facial Attraction, Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion 30mL, Uandi Natural Age-Reversal Cream or Facial Moisturiser SPF 15 10mL, Dr Bronner Organic Bar Soap 56g, The Aromatherapy Co Pulse Point Sleep 15mL and Davroe Thermaprotect Protection Spray 50mL.

Nothing really exciting or special about this box to be honest. The past two months GlossyBox have been sending me a lot of face and body products, and although I do like face and body products, a little make-up won't hurt either. My preferences for GlossyBox did lean more towards make-up products not skin & body products, so that's a bit weird. Also, I don't think over the past 5 months I've been subscribed with GlossyBox have I been sent a full sized item, I think I'm just bad luck.

I haven't tried any of the items I've received this month just yet, in saying that I might end up giving these products out to friends/family since none of them are really anything I would normally use. For example, I don't use bar soap, I've tried many different types and they all tend to dry out my skin, so I would usually just use body wash instead. Who know's maybe it's just been bad experiences but ohhwell. Knowing me I will just end up using all the products myself even though I say I'll give them away, haha! I am excited to use my $25 gift voucher to The Iconic though! YAY! But I probably shouldn't because I need to save, AHHH SO MANY TEMPTATIONS!

Well, I'll leave you guys with some snaps of my GlossyBox. Until next time (Probably tomorrow...) xx

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  1. It's quite cool to see what different products each countries Glossybox gets a month, if that makes sense.


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