29 Jul 2014

Empties #10

I love composing 'empties' posts, not only do you get to purge yourself of garbage that you've accumulated (even though your partner constantly tells you to chuck it out), you also feel pretty darn good at using something (especially makeup) up. I'm feeling quite invincible at the moment as I've managed to finish 3 (yes 3, you've read it correctly) foundations this time around and quite a few other drips and drabs. However, to celebrate my victory I of course put through an order online that consisted of 4  brand spanking new foundations - ahh and the vicious circle continues. I have noticed I'm becoming increasingly slack when it comes to empties posts - maybe it's due to the fact that I have an attention span of a goldfish so I'm never able to continuously use a product until I've finished it, but I am concentrating on being more determined to do so from now on. Alas, here's my formidable empties post!

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24 Jul 2014

Review + Swatches: Polished London Nail Polishes

There's nothing more satisfying that cracking open a brand new bottle of nail polish and trying it for the first time, especially when you haven't had the chanceto read nor see any reviews/swatches. A couple of weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to test out a few Polished London nail polishes - I have heard snippets about this brand previously but haven't delved into the history or products. So I unknowingly dived into the polishes and after wearing all three polishes over the last three weeks I thought I would write my thoughts, plus include a few swatches, for you guys!

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20 Jul 2014

Review: Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Triple in Golden Girl

Now I don't know about you but I feel like a kid in candy store when it comes to eyeshadows. So many colours and finishes - ahh i just can't help myself. So when I received the opportunity to trial the Jane Iredale Pressed Eyeshadow Triple I was jumping for joy! And what better news than to find out the compact consists of neutral shades - whoopee. I know for many of your makeup lovers out there, me included, we all have an obsession with neutral shadows (otherwise Urban Decay would be out of business), there is just never enough to satisfy our needs. But for all you level-headed individuals who buy makeup for a normal human being (unlike hoarders who believe we have 100 faces to paint *ahem*) I think I may have discovered the best essentials compact for you.

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10 Jul 2014

Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Flush

Tarte, Tarte, Tarte. Where have you been all my life? One thing that sucks about living in Australia is the restricted availability we have to certain brands. Sure, we could order from the U.S with a shipping forwarding company, but why can't there just be international shipping? 

But back to the main topic (going off on tangents seem to be my thing at the moment), Tarte blushes have been on my mind ever since I first heard about the brand a year or two ago. If my memory serves right, I believe the person who introduced me to Tarte was Estee from EssieButton. Now the time has finally come for me to own/use a Tarte product (of course I chose blush) and the real question is: Does the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush live up to the hype?

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6 Jul 2014

GUEST POST: Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

It seems as though I keep starting my posts with some sort of sappy excuse for my lack of blogging lately. But once again, I’m here to confirm that I will definitely (fingers crossed) will be back to regular blogging after this week. In the mean time I have a special, and different, post for all of you– I am happy to annouce I have a guest blogger on See It, Love It, Swatch It! I am delighted to have Abby write an interesting post for all you round faced ladies out there (yay to round faces!) with some great tips and tricks! 

Abby is a writer and social media manager for My Hair Care. If you are looking for additional resource on hair care and hair styling tips, do visit their blog. Now let’s get down to the fun stuff!

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